Exam Malpractices: Hold Exam Bodies Responsible.

One of the corrupt practices that we have failed to address in this country is exam malpractice. It is a vice that is fast becoming a virtue as it has constituted a tradition. Imagine a school that is a citadel of civility has joined in perpetrating the act without circumspection of its act! What about some parents? They are not left out. There have been encouraging malpractices by financing it. Some confessional statements made by those caught bore eloquent testimony to this.

Now, going straight to the point, the exam bodies have not been meeting up my expectations. The questions on my lip are: these exam officials are they wielding the sword in vain? Considering the fact that they are empowered to punish any cheating candidate. Secondly, are there no virtous men to be employed by these exam bodies? Considering the fact that most exam supervisors are aiding and abbeting these malpractices. Where are the exam syndicates, who used to appear gatecrash to exam centres? So many questions begging for explanations!

The exam candidates who are hard working are the worst recipient of these ugly trends. Their efforts are frustrated after their hard labour to pass these exams. These days, some exam invigilators are making things difficult for them. In some exam centres, they are forced to cough out their hard earned money to part way or else they risk their effort being frustrated. This sounds funny but real. Those of us that passed through higher institutions knew what some lecturers used to say ‘if you fail to buy this handout this year, you will still buy it next year’ you know what that mean, that is by the time you failed, you will learn your lesson and buy it the next time you resit for it. The slothful ones among the candidates are getting value for their money. They sort out their ways and end up getting unmerited grades.

I am calling for a true genuine change from the exam bodies of our public exams. We are tired of this trend that has constituted a tradition. This will no doubt encourage hard work among the prospective candidates for these exams. School teachers should not be used as exam invigilators as in most cases they end up aiding the candidates who are their students. Upright men should be employed to syndicate exam centres. Surveilance cameras should be mounted in exam centres to discourage malpractices etc. These when put in place will no doubt bring an end to exam malpractices or bring it to the barest minimum.

A prospective candidate will be serious on seeing that there is no short cut to pass public exams. It will also reduce moral decadence among the youths as they will read wide and be able to embrace virtues and shun vices. The exam bodies should not accept any offer from schools or parents who are only after results. These and many more from the government will bring a natural death to exam malpractices. There is no doubt that it takes two to tango. That is, if the exam invigilators refuse to accept grafts from the exam candidates, malpractices will definitely not hold.