Family: How to be an Effective Single Parent

single parent

Parenting is hard enough when there are two of you undertaking the task so it becomes even more difficult when there’s just one parent. Whether you’ve become a single parent by choice or by circumstance, here are a few tips to help you get it right.

1, Have a Positive Attitude:

Children have a way of reading emotions even when adults try hard not to show them. Make peace with your status as a single parent and have a positive attitude. Focus on the benefits of single parenting and always stay optimistic. If your children see that you have everything under control, they’ll be less likely to get sad or worried. Remember that your emotions project onto your children.


2. You Are the Boss!

Establish firm, clear boundaries that leave no doubt that you are the boss in the home. Single parents often make the mistake of allowing children to become equal partners or peers, and too many children are running the show. This leads to serious individual and family problems. Children need limits. Use consistent discipline that provides clear expectations and guidelines for behaviour.


3. Don’t Try to Do it All Alone

That you’re a single parent doesn’t mean you have to shoulder all the responsibility alone. Find people who can help you with other tasks associated with parenting. The single parent frequently feels overwhelmed by the tasks and emotional overload associated with raising children alone. It is extremely important to manage time wisely and to ask for help when necessary. Assign children appropriate chores and tasks.  Let them help you out. It will strengthen their sense of teamwork and your family bond too.


4. Just Do Your Best

You have to remember that you are still only one person and you are doing a job that would be tasking even for two people. Do not allow your children to manipulate you by making you feel guilty about the situation. Give yourself credit for a job well done. Your children might not understand when they’re young but they’ll appreciate you for all your hard work eventually.


5. You Need Care Too

It is critical to your children’s wellbeing that you to take care of yourself. There are times when you feel like you need a break.  Make sure you relax. Ask other people to help you watch the kids while you take a break. Stress is very bad and if you ignore it, your kids might end up with no parent instead of one.


6. Show Them Love

Children with only one parent often feel deprived of affection since they’re getting it from only one source as opposed to two. Make sure your children always know that you love them. This does not mean you should spoil them. Instead, devote yourself to making sure they are nurtured emotionally and physically. The love shown by one parent can be just as sufficient as that shown by two. Single parents raise good children too!