Fasehun: Nigeria’ll Not Survive Beyond 2014 Unless…

faseun_02-06President of Oodua People’s Congress, Dr. Frederick Fasehun has declared that Nigeria will not survive beyond 2014 unless its citizens evolve good political platforms and traditions.

Fasehun, who doubles as Chairman, Committee for the Resuscitation of the Unity Party of Nigeria made this known at a briefing in Lagos on Wednesday.

“There is real danger for the country and we cannot continue to fold our arms and watch politicians run the country aground through profligacy and corruption” he said.

“From all indications, Nigeria will not survive beyond 2014 as a country, unless Nigerians rise up to evolve good political platforms and traditions.”


Highlighting the importance of the UPN, Fasehun said it had come to provide such a credible platform adding that those championing the resuscitation of the UPN would bring sanity into the nation’s political space, beginning with the South-West.

He said a credible political association such as UPN would serve as a reliable, focused, people-oriented political vehicle.

Fasehun said, “UPN shall meet the true yearnings of Nigerians for quality education, for free health for all, for a functional transportation system, for rural-urban integration and for mass housing.

“Less than 30 per cent of our yearly budget goes into the projects and purposes for which they are appropriated, while the bulk goes into the drainpipe of corruption, through vast cash holdings, Nigerian banks and foreign accounts.”

Berating the Nigerian government for failing to make the citizens the centre-piece of governance, he noted that, “Worldwide, democracy is seen as the government of the people, by the people, for the people. But the Nigerian situation is rather very paradoxical.

“Various groupings have had to form political platforms, most of which are non-ideological, and this is why although Nigerians have aspired to democracy, they have today achieved a situation far from democracy. What we have today at best is self-government and certainly not democracy.”


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