Fashion: Look Trendy In Coloured Blazers


Blazers were previously associated with somber formal attire. They were expected to either be black or darkly coloured and were worn only to work or church or for some other serious endeavour. That has however changed. Blazers now come in a variety of beautiful colours and can be worn to any event. Brightly colored blazers for women can be combined with a number of outfits. They can be worn with jeans or leggings to give a casual formal look.

Coloured blazers can be worn with skirts, either short or long and whether in a formal or casual design. They can also be worn on office pants and shorts as well. Wear a brightly colored blazer on your favorite dress to increase your wow factor.

Men are not left out as coloured blazers are unisex and come in a lot of suitable colours for men as well. Guys can also wear brightly coloured blazers for a variety of occasions and can also combine them with their everyday wardrobe choices. Both formal and casual trousers will go well with a well matched coloured blazer.

The coloured blazer is fast becoming a major trend and no one who is fashion savvy should be left behind. The coloured blazer is the new LBD( Little Black Dress) and is a must-have for every wardrobe.




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