Father Who Flogged His Children Arrested For Assault

A dad caught on camera whipping his teen daughters with cable wire has been arrested, cops said.


Greg Horn, 35, was detained for the alleged assault on his two girls, ages 12 and 14, at their home in Dayton, Ohio.

It was initially claimed he’d flipped out after discovering they’d uploaded a sexually suggestive booty-shaking “twerk” clip to Facebook.

Video shows a father viciously beating his two daughters with a video cable. But the girls, one of whom was left with welts and open wounds on her thighs, said he hit them as punishment for sneaking out of the house.

The shocking footage, allegedly showing the pair being ordered into a corner before being battered with the wire, sparked outrage.

It went viral and was seen by more than 2 million people.

Their mother alerted cops to the attack. Horn has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment, authorities said on Thursday.

He will be arraigned on Apr. 16


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