The Federal Government of Nigeria is scrapping the National Examinations Council, NECO, and the National Poverty Eradication Programme, NAPEP among other government agencies. It is also stripping the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board of powers to conduct examinations into tertiary institutions in the country.

The government is taking the decision in order to streamline agencies of government and reduce the cost of governance, based on recommendations of the Steve Oronsaye Panel Report on the reform of government agencies and ministries.

Mr Oronsaye who was the former Head of the Civil Service of the Federation recommended the abolition of 38 agencies, merger of 52 and reversal of 14 to departments in ministries.

Mr Stephen Oronsanye
Mr Stephen Oronsanye

According to the white paper, which was drafted by a committee headed by the Attorney General of the Federation, Mohammed Adoke, the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board would be divested of the powers to conduct matriculation examinations into tertiary institutions while universities would be allowed to conduct their entrance examinations to students.

Although the JAMB would not be scrapped, it would be a mere administrative structure that would set standard for minimum requirements on how the various universities would conduct entrance examinations.

JAMB will be modelled along same line with the body in the United States of America which sets standards for admissions into institutions of higher learning.

Other decisions taken by government on the Oronsaye committee include the scrapping of the National Examinations Council, NECO, the National Poverty Eradication Programme, NAPEP, and the National Complaints commission.

The report recommended that the functions of NECO would be assumed by the West African Examinations Council, WAEC, which will also take over the structures of NECO nationwide.

In order to make up for the deluge of students who sit for the external examinations of NECO, WAEC would be expected to conduct two external examinations, one in January and another in November for external students while still running its internal examination programmes for secondary school students.

Under the proposal, the National Poverty Eradication Programme would be replaced by an agency called National Agency for Job Creation and Empowerment (NAJCE) while the National Complaints Commission will be merged with the National Human Rights Commission.

The Government rejected the recommendation urging the scrapping of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission and the Ministry of Police Affairs, saying it would be counterproductive.

A member of the committee told Vanguard that the decision was preparatory to government’s plans to overhaul major sectors in the country.

“JAMB will be divested of the admission provision. It will no longer conduct examinations but will be a clearing house. Every school will admit its students.

“NECO will be scrapped and its infrastructure will be merged with that of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

“Universities will be allowed to set their standards but jamb will set the minimum standard for admission into all tertiary institutions,” the source said.

It will be recalled that the Oronsaye report stated that the average cost of governance in Nigeria is believed to rank among the highest in the world.

Oronsaye said in his report that “there are 541 Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies (statutory and non-statutory).

“Going by the recommendations of the Committee, the figure of statutory agencies is being proposed for reduction to 161 from the current figure of 263.

“The Committee believes that if the cost of governance must be brought down, then both the Legislature and Judiciary must make spirited efforts at reducing their running costs.” [Vanguard]


  1. Infact, am tired of this commotion cause by FG,some so called educationist and senators,house of rep.Why and in what reason will they have to scrapes NECO AND JAMB.Is that the reduction of be and fat salary of govt,senator and HOR they suppose to reduce in other to curtail their so called lavish extravagant spending expenses by FG.Can dey come out to conduct exams(JAMB) for student,This NECO and JAMB scrabing is not the best step at all

  2. Good step by dis govmnt …..but rather replace poverty eradication wit vocational studies nd skill acquisition center….for sure d yorubas will be afected as it will bring unemployment to dem….they created all these shody ministries to fill them wit their half baked nd lazy graduates since they cant compete wit ibos in areas of comerce nd industry…

  3. Hmm…scraping of jamb nd Neco 2 me is nt d best. What d Fg is supose 2 do, is 2 make Jamb result last 4 atlist 4 or 5 yrs, so dat ones a student seats 4 Jamb nd makes it, he shuld use d result 4 atlist 5yrs pendin til wen he’s admitted in2 d university. Dis reduce d rate at which students seats 4 Jamb examination nd as such cost wil be reduced.

  4. haaah 9ja pple! why do we see light yet still chasing shadow in d dark.
    I expect FG to put end to exploitations n curruptions to savage our great 9ja from abrupt collapse.
    Every 9jarian would be glad to hear dt d exploitative post-UME is stopped but not d UTME itself.

    2ndly, FG should stop military and paramilitary and other org’tns from exploiting applicant via payment of N2,500 scratch card for e-recruitment. Thus application should be free.

    Lol! The youth are not happy with Government.
    Nevertheless, I still beleive this Government can get it rigth. It is not too late untill it is late.

    Change is possible…!
    I love 9ja.

  5. this is a nice idea and step in ds 2013.i think this shld be a part and a sectorial aspect in which our headman shld be thinking of not fuel subsidy removal.this development is quite good and nice but how sure are we dt it will take effect?

  6. I laud the government determination to reduce d cost of governance in some MDAs but I really don’t feel this should start from the educational sectors, What about scrapping ofthe lower house? whatanabo reducing or probably scrapping of all the ministers of state, reduce from the Numbers of senators, state assembly and even to the last arm of government, the local government which has lots of honourable ingovernment payrolls.
    Gej should start by reducing the Numbers of hospital domestic workers that of the first lady.

  7. Sincerely let our elected leader be truthful& govern with d fear of God.Nigerians are good people,expecting much &Nigerians Living Lessthan 3dollars a day are giving All.Pls Kindly Help Nigeria to have Life Again.PRESIDENT,SENATORS HSE.REP JUDICIARY GOVERNORS MINISTERS COMMSNRS L.GChairmen

  8. Why not federal government is not help us, they knew dat our finger is not the same because out of 100% people in nigeria75% are poverty. Help to reduce jamb fees.and in some school they using indigene which is not surpose to be,the dat struggle to brought form and have the cutoff they refuse to givethem admision,by that time they using power and money for there favourness.

  9. What they did is good. Google uk and US the way they admit.if i may ask what of those who hold NECO certificates? What will happen to them? Batch A Nysc posting.those who dont ve jamb reg n0 was unable to serve.and what of in the next years posting?

  10. This is absolute Nonsense, Bullshit and Hypocrisy of the highest order on the part of the FG! Why are they quick at implementing this report? Because it does not directly affect them, I guess. Many reports are there unattended to all because it concerns the FG and it’s cronies: Ribadu-led committee report for instance. What’s keeping it’s implementation??? David Mark discarded the proposal that the unemployed be paid #20k monthly; Let the FG implement those previous important reports that affect them directly to show us they are sincere.
    Specifically, if all the stated MDAs are scrapped, what happens to their staff? The ever high unemployment rate will skyrocket. Well, while I partially support the move, I believe they should be regulated..

  11. nawa oo naija other sectors is there for these govnment to touch that will reduce govenment expenditure ….but not ….cos i know this jamb and neco stuff they want to touch will surely in favour to them and there family.they even not think otherwise that we are not the same.university should conduct there admission exam ,and at the end of the day those the politicians and rich ones child will gain admission by one way or d other .god they sha ……..

  12. With the existing of jamb the tartiary institutions are not admitting the right candidates talkless of scrapping it.This will worsen the situation in the education sector.They should go and check the previous post utme scores in various institutions to compare the admitted students and non-admitted candidates scores.The statistics will show that 60% of admitted students score their post utme below the average points.To me neco are not doing what they are supposed to do.At times they fail candidates just to make people think is more tougher than waec while it is not.

  13. This platform was use 2 embazzel funds from candidate, that’s all if u ask me.
    Ok what them what 2 our time nd money?

  14. this is one of the best news I have heard since the beginning of the year. neco is a waste of time and the scrapping of utme is the way 2 go. admission standards would then be set by the school of choice with jamb as a regulatory body. no more mistakes on the part of jamb in offering admission letters as it is now d duty of the university. if this is eventually implemented, the university system would improve.

  15. Dat is a welcome idea bt i also support d idea of makin result last for @least 4 yrs… So dat population of student writin each yr wud b minimial…..anyway 4 now…its a welcome idea… Kudos to d government.

  16. I love this ctry,but am nt benifitin anytin frm this ctry naja. Anyway my question goes lyk this,what wil d persn dat already gotin a Waec cert but hav nt entered university,what wil happen to dat cert? Those it mean dat d persn wit hav to start all over again? Let d FG help d youth,they knw wat is right,let them do d right thing.

  17. What kind of govt is dis. U cant even differenciate btw ur right nd left hands 4 God sake. What does NECO and JAMB aft all these bodies are source of revenue to FG. Why not scrap SON NIS

  18. please what will happen to those that using neco certificate in higher institutions and those that are still looking for admmission

  19. scrapping of JAMB & NECO is d worst thing to ever happen to the youths of this country in d life of this adm

  20. Scrabing or no scrabing we go live. My ques is. What wil happen 2 dose who has enrolled 4 Neco & has registered 4 jamb 4 dis yr. Will dey still write it dis yr?

  21. Scrabing or no scrabing we go live. My ques is. What wil happen 2 dose who has enrolled 4 Neco & has registered 4 jamb 4 dis yr. Will dey still write Jamb & Neco this year?

  22. My own is dt fg just ve to call solemn assembly and re adjust dis dicision b4 it gets out of hand.we youth we are despirate ooo and they sud kw how dy will be martching on us.

  23. Let av a realistc view of lif.tinx do nt alws hapen fast as we wish.bt as 2m o. Neco is gud.bt bostjamb is very very bad

  24. Hey!EVery Policy of Nigerian Govt. Is always to d detrimental 2 d poor n common Man, wot is d fate n hope of disproportionate students from poor background since university dons wl expoit them n giv admissions to children n relatives of initiators n implementers of said policy? Y not slash d salary n allowances of President which is well over a billion Naira n dat of legislatures some whom r well over half a billion naira? Dis is a farce mehn.!No wonder I dnt ve a gud job

  25. Scrapping of jamb is okay by me but what i want to kn is will student stile take UTME before they can gain admission into d university.

  26. 9ja our own is too much y cancelling JAMB instead of post jamb, also that means the sec. schools will only write one exams in a year, failingwaec now that means one have to wait till nov or nxt year instead of having two options.

  27. I tinK it is a good ideal.no d poor can find it easy.d fg should also crap efcc bcos they hav becom corupt.

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