For Men: 5 Questions You Must Never Ask Your Woman

The major complaint men have is that they don’t understand women. Women get angry for no reason, say “Yes” when they mean “No” and vice versa. You might never fully understand the way your woman’s mind works but here are a few questions you must NEVER ask her.

1, Are you wearing that?

Whenever you’re going out with your girl she puts her best into her appearance to look good for you. She’ll take this question to mean that you think she looks terrible and you’d rather not be seen with her with the way she’s dressed.

2, Don’t you think you should lose weight?

Most girls, whether skinny or fat, are somewhat self conscious about their bodies. That’s why this question is a bombshell. Your girl will assume that you’re calling her fat and she will take out all her frustration about her imperfections on you.

3, Do you want me to show you how my Ex used to do it?

Never, ever, compare your girlfriend with your ex. Don’t tell her how your ex used to dress or cook or how she was in bed. Never offer to teach her something that your ex used to do.

4, Would you like to have bigger boobs?

A girl translates this to mean that her body is not to your satisfaction and that you wish she had bigger boobs. This will make her insecure and you can be sure you’ll be attacked or suspected every time a large chested girl walks past.

5, Do you mind if I add my Ex on Facebook?

This is a horrible question to ask your girlfriend. This is one of those times when you’ll get an answer like “Go ahead” or “Do what you want”. For your own sake, don’t go ahead and don’t do what you want.

Remember guys, the most innocent and sincere question can be analyzed and twisted in your girlfriend’s mind till it becomes horrible so watch out!

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