For Women: How To Keep Your Man At Home

If you want to occupy your man’s mind as well as his time, here are some tips to make sure he never gets enough of you.

1,Appreciate Your Man- Or someone else will!

Appreciate all the things he does for you. It doesn’t matter whether those things are big or small, they are worth, at the very least, a thank you. Remind him from time to time why he’s your man. In other words, take the time to make him feel special. Tell him how handsome he is every now and then.

2, Make an effort to improve your sex life
Spice it up every once in a while. Tell him your fantasies, listen to his. Don’t be afraid to initiate romance.

3, Live, love and Laugh:

Life is too short to spend with someone boring. Laugh often with him, not at him. Tell him a joke that you think he might like or clip out comics from the newspaper and place them on the fridge,send text or e-mail messages.

4, Feed him:

The way to a man’s heart will always be his stomach. A man loves when a woman cooks for him like his mom does. You don’t have to cook exactly like her but, it’s the action that counts. Women claim men are dogs but remember if you feed a dog he will never leave home!!!

5, Don’t Nag:

Think before you complain. What you may perceive as venting, just may come across as nagging to him which may cause him not to listen when you have a real complaint.

6, Maintain your looks:

Don’t let your looks deteriorate. Remain the person you were when he first got attracted to you. Do your hair, wear perfume and make-up. Let your man know that you’re still making an effort to look good for him.

Most importantly let your man know that you love him. Only you know how to do this. So to keep your man, keep doing what you did to get him in the first place.



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