For Women: How to Know If You’re Dating A Mummy’s Boy

Every man has a special affection for his mother and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some men’s lives are totally controlled by their mum. If you meet anyone like this, you should run and run fast. Here are a few signs that your man is a Mama’s boy:

1. You will never come first- When it comes to his mother, you will never come first. No matter what you do, his mom will always be more important and take precedence over you.  There’s nothing you will be able to do to top her and you may try to no avail.

2. You will always be compared to her- Because of the fact that what you do will never top her; you will always be compared to her. Everything you do will be scrutinized and it won’t be as good as how his mom does it.

3. She may play a big role in his decisions- His mom will make a lot of decisions for him or play a huge role in the decisions he does make. Your opinion will not count as much as his mother’s and she may even inhibit him from making more commitments to you. Who wants a man that doesn’t make his own decisions?

4. She will get in the way of your plans and time with him- His mom will get in the way of your time with him because if she needs him, your plans will almost certainly be canceled.

5. He’d rather lose you than lose his mother- If you complain about what is going on, you might just be sent packing because he’d rather lose you than his mother. If his mom doesn’t like you, instead of him telling his mom that he does and that’s what matters, he most likely will end things with you eventually because mommy dearest said so.

6. He won’t defend you- No matter whether or not his mom is totally wrong in the situation, he will not defend you. He will be too afraid to stand up to his mother and therefore will let her treat you however she pleases. This is by no means acceptable because he should defend whoever is right in the situation; however for a mama’s boy, his mom is always right.

7. He probably still lives at home with his mother- He probably still lives at home with his mother. Because he is living in her house, things will be 10 times worse and yet he won’t want to leave. He is completely content to still be living at home and nothing you say will change that.


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