For Women: Is Your Man About to Propose? Find Out 7 Signs You Should Look Out For

Most wedding proposals come as a surprise and this is what makes them exciting. Seeing the surprised look on the bride’s face is always fun. However, if you want to know when your man is about to propose, here are a few signs to look out for:

1, He Acts Nervous:

Most men find the thought of proposing very frightening. Even when they’ve been going out with a girl for long, the possibility of rejection makes it a scary move for them. Nervousness for no apparent reason is a sign that a man is about to propose.

2, He Starts to Enjoy Weddings:

Men are not usually as interested in wedding ceremonies as women are. If your man suddenly starts to pay serious attention to wedding ceremonies and how they’re organized, you might be changing your surname soon.

3, He Starts to Use “We” A lot:

If your man starts to say “We” a lot instead of “I”, he might be making a place for you in his life forever. This is a sign that he has made a mental note in his head that you are now a team.

4, He Starts to Pay More Attention to You:

If your man suddenly becomes more romantic and starts to treat you extra specially, it could be a sign that he’s set to propose. Men want to do all they can to get a “Yes” so he’ll go the extra mile to make sure you have no cause to refuse.
If he’s taking you out more often and doing all the things he used to do at the beginning of the relationship, it might be because he’s ready to start a new relationship with you; the relationship of marriage.

5, He and Your Friends Are Acting Funny:

Men usually ask their woman’s friends for advice when they want to propose. This is to give him ideas and to help him plan the surprise properly with their help. If you notice, your man and your friends acting suspiciously like they know something you don’t, then it’s likely you’ll be getting a ring soon.

6, He’s Closer to Your Parents:

If your man suddenly starts arranging to see your parents without you or if he suddenly wants to spend a lot of time with them, it might be because he’s decided he wants you as a lifetime mate. Getting your parents’ approval is very important for the success of his plans and he’ll make sure he does just that.

7, Your Female Instincts Tell You So:

Women are very intuitive creatures. They sometimes instinctively know when something is going wrong and when something is about to go right. If you have a strong feeling that your man is about to propose, then you’re probably right.

Is there any sign you think was left out? Let us know. Please share your comments, suggestions and even your own proposal stories in the comment box.

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