Formation of PDP Governors’ Forum: “I was ashamed of Mr. President…” – Tinubu

tinubu-jonathanFormer governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu has praised to the heavens the leadership qualities of Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole. Tinubu, who spoke at the 60th birthday anniversary of the Edo State governor, noted that good governance was about accountability.

According to him, it takes extraordinary leadership for democracy to exist, not to talk of deepening it. He said, “Oshiomhole is a great and shining example to all Nigerians; he has a large heart and is courageous. This is a man that if his administration does not perform, he will lead a protest against the government. He is trusted and reliable. He is a long distance person and a progressive agent… You (Oshiomhole) have invested time and energy; you started the campaign of one man, one vote.”

Calling for biometric validation in election accreditation process, Tinubu urged President Goodluck Jonathan to further work towards unifying the polity.

He said, “To deepen democracy is being popularized, but I make bold to say I was ashamed of Mr. President the day I saw him sit down to announce Peoples Democratic Party governors forum. Instead of unifying all the governors on a bipartisan line, he is busy polarising them.”


  1. It is very unfortunate for an any country to have a visionless, greedy, unexemplenary, naive and incompetent element as a president. To become a visionary leader is not by saying it but by making and implementing policies that have direct bearing towards the unification of a nation and the contentment of a common man on the street. Power is sweet but if not properly used it becomes the most imaginable and eternal bitterness. Power in the hands of a man is euphemeral.

  2. Dat is y dey call it democracy. Ashiwaju is full of intrigues . In hs days he neva practised wat he is preachin now .

  3. Well Tinubu and his cohort Tunde B have been showing dat we can insult anybody at will and we are fast learning.what and wat has he done or provided upon all d money he made.we are counting u among the poeple that supposed to be in jail and ur out there insulting Nigeria

  4. Mr. President why have u refuse 2 work according 2 ur name in dis ur regin? Look at d way u’ve turn d country upside down all in d name of president. Politice is truly a dirty game…. Nousence!

  5. Thiefnubu with is scurrilous propaganda you will surely account for all the evil perpetrated against the yoruba race


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