Good or Bad? Ini Edo in a Short Black Gown that Leaves Everything Open

We got this picture of Ini Edo in a short black gown and but we think the gown is showing too much,at least for the sake of her younger (kids) fans.


What do you think of the dress? Tell us below:

Source: naijaurban


  1. foя the sake ԂĄτ̲̅ she’s a married woman, ԂĄτ̲̅ is y I will say d dress is awkward and sarcastic. But on a real sense, she’s an actress, a model. These are one of those things ԂĄτ̲̅ make her going.

  2. Ini Edo is turning to something else, but I pitty her fans who don’t reasob before imitatong. It’s bad, maybe she’s intoprostitution now.

  3. Whoever wants to go naked in the name of civilization should go ahead. Does acting makes people crazy? I know that some will be in hell performing the activities they have been doing on earth.

  4. Dis woman is married frm the luk of tins she is nw worst dan the way she was then I wonder hw her hubby feel seen her missus naked I think ini edo is possess.

  5. World coming to and end. Let those who see evil in this dressing teach their children how to dress decently. and in order.

  6. i will marry her if her husbnd reject her b coz of dis dress. U girls out der shud better learn hw to seduce a man b4 u old 4 ur papa hauz…true talk

  7. All dis bullshit is for da birds so i guess ya’ll re pigeon toed. Some of u re jst saying shit accusing her of something else. Someone dis said dat dis is 4rm a film shoot so wats da big deal? Why all dis fuss? All of u saying all dis bullshit re more worse dan her weda u male or female….. Piss!

  8. The dress revealed nothing, it depends on what one
    have in mind. some people can look at a woman wearing on pants,and still will not see the nakedness because his mind is on other things.

  9. i think dis is real resl too bad 4 her has a mother n star , she does not portray or represent we woman at all , bad dress all in d name of fashion.

  10. all these girls complaining will wear worse if their bodies are flawless like that. pls stop judging. i think its indecent to appear like that in public(thats if she actually wore it out oh) but decency is a personal thing. you cant impose it on people.

  11. Ridiculous! Why her? U make her look too special.if indecent dressing needs to be addressed.let address it. Rather than trying to bring someone to public notice.

  12. She is my best lover, but allowing her self to be a subject topic is not accepted by me, that dress is suppose to be an indoor dress as a maried lady, even if the husband accept it, I say no to it as one of her registered fan, because it passes a bad signals to other maried ladies.

  13. May God have mercy on all our actress that dress exposing their sensitive parts for they do not know what they are doing ,they might call it fashion the in thing but all this are the ploy of the .pit of hell to distroy them,God have mercy on us all we have lost it.

  14. D picture dar shows dat ini edo is inside d house not on d street, once u ar in ur house u can dress any how u want daz all

  15. Madness, What do u tink of the Movie industry as a whole…………madness in the highest order…..their is need for a regulatory body like CBN, Sharia to flush the bad heads….lol

  16. U peepz r so wack…was xpectin to c sum nooky…*u know…*buh cnt even c anyfin…arrrgh *bad actress**, dey wont show us d real deal

  17. U gud..u bad,ppl must complain..itx hr lyf so kip killing urslvs fr pesn mata..u carrying hr mata fr head lyk darling yaki..i luv u ini,tho d dress is indescent bt no one hs d ryt to judge anyone..sum of u here ar worst dan hr,instead of condeming,pray fr deliverance upon ur own lives..rubbish

  18. Am loving this, if u talk frm now till nxt year it won’t change who she is,her lifestyle is non of our biz.,lot of pple will do worse if dey r in dat position, am not saying her dressing is ok, buh dressing depend on personality stella dress decent buh her attitude might b worse dan ini, pls dnt judge n careless abt all dis celeb care abt how u will make ur cash abeg.

    • I think dat is crazy if dat will make her save her marriage let her be bt i just want her 2 kno dat dat kind of dressing is 2 bad 4 her kid bt i dnt blame them bcos dey r used 2 it bt all d same it doesnt portray a true arican woman

  19. Those of you, that failed to see bad in this dress, I think you should look at it very well, can you be happy with it, if it happen to be ur wife, ur sister, or ur daugther. Let call a spade a spade, this dressing is absolute bad.

  20. If our actresses dress decent during film shootings, will it terminates the progress of the film? does actors & actress in tinsle re they not celebraties. lets face reality.

  21. Although, some pple like her will like it but to me. It’s not new coz this is not the firs time of dressing like a whore in film industry, but they should remember that they are adding more to nigerians’ corruption trough this bad dressing.


  23. I think we’re all neglecting what’s more important and dwelling on d trivial. Some of u guys r fuming over her manner of dressing yet u haven’t achieved anyfin in dis life. Who made u d judge over another? U’ve decided to take d place of God and judge her, even after u’ve been informed dat d picture was taken on set, during one of her numerous movies(funny enough, d same movies u all love to watch). Y don’t u focus on how to become something in life too and leave a good and lasting legacy that d younger generation wud commend rather than criticise someone who wore a dress that wud earn her millions for wearing? Let’s stop being hypocritical and take d beams off our own eyes before we cud clearly see d moth in our neighbours. If u really don’t have anyfin to say, I advice u shove a stocking up ur throat instead of exposing ur ignorant mindsets on social media. I rest my case…

  24. D gown s really BAD,hw cn a married woman wear dat type of gown nd ha husband will be hapi abt it…..Dis s nonsense,wat of if she was raped by a guy wot will she say? Dat will b ha fault,she really disappointed ha fans nd ha culture.

  25. Honestly, the dressing is nothing to write home about, judging bythe fact that that it exposes much of her privacies… Aunty Ini abi u neva hear say; “d way u dress dtermine d way u’ll b address???”

  26. In facts I see nothing wrong in what she wears is like you guys have no work to do pls use your time for better things instead of condemning pple dresses

  27. any woman is free to dress as she wants,no one should to dare to insult a woman because of her outfits(not even her boyfriend or husband)

  28. Some ppl dnt things a thought before sayin…..Inasmuchas she wore that in d houz,there no problm wit it mayb dat she gys attractd to d husband.D indecent of dressing depends on it publicity.

  29. Satan has every tactics of rubbishing ur faith in God..but pray that thou fallest not into temptation.No one knoweth when the son of man cometh it may be that moment u’re seduced,in bed with a harlot,on ur way to a night vigilant,let no man deprive of ur crown with vain philosophy.they are out,the satanic agents of antichrist…666.

  30. I personally love the dress. The cloth looks good on her, u all can get drown in the lagoon for all i care. Jealous idiots

  31. Dnt jugde dat u kan nt be jugde by God.u ppl talking shit abt her.she dnt even knw u talk more of knwing wat u if start nw nd talk abt her dress.she wont see my follow youths live ur life d way u kan.bcos God gav u ur life.u kant share it wit anyone.i luv ur gown ini veri much ok for me.anytin u do in dis life ppl must talk weather bad or gud.ini edo pls if u kan wear another one.i will veri much hapi to see it.

  32. U people should live her alone after all in the moive world there are people that dress worst than this,u did not see her pant nd her nipples so stop complaining and let her be.


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