Grant Boko Haram Amnesty Like My Husband Did For N’Delta Militants – Turai

turaiFormer First Lady, Hajia Turai Yar’Adua has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to follow her late husband’s footsteps and forgive the Boko Haram sect.

Turai advised Jonathan to close his ears to anyone who advises him not to grant the sect amnesty.

She said this in Lagos on Friday night during the Award Gala Night organised by the Niger Delta Young Professionals.

Turai said, “When Yar’Adua saw that the people in the Niger Delta, particularly the children were dying callously, he (Yar’Adua) took it upon himself to grant amnesty to the militants to ensure lasting peace.

“There is poverty in the North. What Yar’Adua did in the Niger Delta, let Jonathan do the same thing to the North.

“Mr. President should not allow his advisers to deceive him. Let him sit down and think about the insecurity in the North.”



  1. D president should ve it at d back of his mind that what is good for d geese. is also good for d gander. Amnesty is d only solution.

    • @Rakiya- for ghosts I guess? We know the Niger Delta kingpins, but these faceless murderers are unknown. It’ll be stupid of justice to grant them amnesty. If they want amnesty, let them show face.

  2. Boko Haram ar nt militants, they are terrorists.
    The poverty in d north is self-inflicted. D northern elites’ highandedness is d root cause of the poverty in d north.

  3. We shd nt compare niger delta issue wt Boko haram 4 God sake,ok wht are dey fighting 4?mind u south west are also on ground.let pple fill d impact ov gud governance 4 God sake.

  4. Amnesty! Amnesty!! Amnesty!!!. I believe that amnesty is granted only to known people. It was granted to the militant because every body knew what they wanted, their reason for acting the way they do and some other considerable factors. If only the Boko Haram group can specifically say in plain words what they need and offcourse their reason for being barbaric, why not they should be granted amnesty with immediate effect.

  5. Granting a faceless sect Amnesty is like eating nd driking with ghosts. Niger delter agitation was made known. what is the sect agitating for?

  6. BH mission is deem,it doesn’t have a clear mission.Amnesty for BH is like giving access to the most deadly foes to perpetrate evil.

  7. Just a simple questiion:Has any insurgency in history been completely defeated by using force alone? Those who make distinction between MEND & BH are wrong. Once you take up arms against the state & attack non combatants, you’re a terrorist,has it com to ur mind that Boko haram are enemies of Nigeria,they are not looking to islamize this country,they want to instigate violence and destroy Nigeria?My take is simple:if u say no to dialogue pls suggest a way for us to end dis bh insecurity,if not then u bera remain an armchair critic as u r.because u guys dnt knw anything about this issue.and pls dnt tell me d northerners shd go and ttalk with the Bh ppl cuz my I dnt hv a recoleccttion of south south ppl mediating with MEND.It was yaraduua that brought relative peace to the creeks.hasn’t jona learnt already?

  8. Boko Haram should show their face for Christ sake before Amnesty shall be coontemplated on. Who is sure that they want amnesty really! Niger’ delta Militants showed their face and not only that, they surrenderd their weapon. For amnesty to be granted, Boko haram or whatever they call their name should unmask their selves and say their grievance. Also amnesty to boko haram will encourage the emergence of more terrorist groug and since Federal Government has failed to protect the lives of its citizens, they will keep on granting so called freedom to idiots and carnivorous haman beings in the name of amnesty. Shame to our governments!!!

  9. Jonathan is a coward he is afraid of telling the alamajeri that he will not grant them any amnesty and face them squarely. If he can allow me to maintain that seat for 30 days only I assure him that no one will hear about boko haram in nigeria again and there will be no more bomb blast in the contry. The northerners will embrace peace by fire by force.

    Am not against giving amnesty but I ask that he open amnesty shop because other tribes are watching how they will pass the judgement so after that they will start there own poblem because i m sure its not only in the north that there is poverty.

  10. Boko Haram is rejecting amnesty. The northern that created them for political gains are almost begging them to accept. The financiers want us to grant amnesty to ghost. We should not reduce amnesty to laughing stock level. Common sense tells me that in as much as amnesty is desirable, the beneficiaries should lay down arms, identify them, take stock and stamp it.


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