Home: 5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Sofa (Couch)

Your living room couch is one of the first things your visitors see when they enter your house and it speaks volumes. Here are a few tips to make sure you buy the perfect living room furniture for you.


1, Style

There are so many different styles of sofas out now, that by choosing a sofa, you are also making a style statement.  Before you go out shopping, do your research.  Check websites of your favorite shops that sell furniture and go into the stores too. It is important that you choose a sofa that reflects your personal style.

2, Go Neutral

If you don’t have a lot of money to throw around, it’s better not to get a brightly coloured sofa. If you like bright colours, you can use the pillows, a throw, artwork etc  to spice up the look of your sofa and add colour.  It’s advisable to choose a sofa that is clean, fresh, and neutral.  Neutral doesn’t have to mean beige. Neutral is an overall solid print . It  is  just a softer version of a primary color.

3, Comfort

A sofa must be comfortable. This is where you and your entire family will sit and relax your tired bodies after a hard day and sometimes fall asleep. It will not be nice if you’re confronted by hard lumps or slippery seats.  The comfort level  should match the purpose of the sofa.

4, Clean-ability

This is very important, especially if you have kids. Slipcovers are a perfect solution for this problem. Cotton cushion covers also work great.  This way when the couch is dirty, you just remove the cushion covers and wash.  If you must choose a sofa that doesn’t have the above options, Polyester is a great alternative.  It repels stains or wipes up easily (especially if you don’t have toddlers).

5, Durability

Your sofa must be able to withstand reasonable use. Guests will come and go and your kids will play games around the sofa so you need to get something that is guaranteed to last. High quality leather is a good buy. However, don’t get duped into buying low quality leather.  The plastic and low quality leathers do NOT hold up well .


Above all, ensure that you buy a sofa that you love. Afterall it’s going to be in your home and you’re going to have to see it everyday so let your living room furniture make you happy.

Source: burlapanddenim.com – 4/4/2013



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