Homes: Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Bedsheets


Bed sheets are a very important part of bedroom décor. Most of time, buying bed sheets can be a very confusing exercise. Here are a few tips to help you decide what bed sheets meet your specifications and would be just right for you.

What Size of Sheets Do You Need?

Nothing is more disappointing than to get home and make up your bed with your new sheets, only to find out you have to be a weight lifter to lift the mattress in order to get the sheet to fit firmly across the bed. To avoid this problem you must measure your mattress to ensure a proper fit.

An easy way to measure your mattress is to take a piece of cardboard and stick it between the mattress and box springs then place another piece of cardboard on top of the mattress and measure the distance between the two. If you normally use a pillow top mattress or any other kind of covering with measurable width, leave it on when you do your measurements.

Fitted sheets which have elastic going all the way around are more expensive, but well worth the extra money. They fit well over your mattress and do not move around  as you turn around on your bed. Second choice would be sheets designed with elastic running along the sides. Last choice is those with just the elastic in the corners.

How Should the Sheets Feel?

The next thing to decide is what kind of feel would you like from your sheets. Do you enjoy super soft sheets which seem to get better with age? Is your preference a clean crisp feel? Do wrinkles annoy you?

If softness is your main priority, then 100 per cent cotton sheets are a good choice. There are different types of cotton and thread counts which will determine the quality of sheets you purchase. Generally the higher the thread count the softer to the touch the fabric will feel.

If your preference is to have wrinkle-free crisp cool sheets, than cotton blends are the best choice. Cotton and polyester blended sheets still lead the pack in consumer preferences. They are generally more cost effective and will survive many washes.

What Colour Should They Be?

The colour of a bed sheet is a very important factor depending on where you want to put it. Laying a crisp white bed sheet on your 5 year old son’s bed is just looking for trouble.  Bed sheets should also correspond with the colour of the room. Remember that very light colours show stains easily and very dark colours fade quickly so try to find a balance.

How Much Should They Cost?

Compare bed sheet prices before you buy to find something that suits your budget and also matches the quality you desire. While comparing, check the size, type and quality of the bed sheets. Make sure to check different stores until you find the suitable price and quality you desire. Don’t rush odd to buy the cheapest bed sheet you find. It might be of very poor quality and you might have to buy another one soon after.