How To Dress For A Slimmer Looking Figure

Nobody has the “perfect” body. We all have one area or the other that gives us concern. Here are a few things you should know to enable you choose clothing that will give you a slimmer looking frame.

Don’t wear baggy clothes.

Many women believe the answer to looking thinner is to cover up their figure flaws. That’s absolutely not the case. A lot of baggy clothes will just make you look bulkier. Choose fitted garments that skim your body, but are not clingy.

Wear tunics.

Tunics are very popular right now, and they flatter most figures, particularly if you are carrying extra weight around your middle.

Go for high heels.

To make you legs look longer and leaner, don’t wear flats. Select shoes with a heel at least 1-1/2″ high.

Choose boot-cut jeans.

Even though skinny jeans are all the rage, a pair of boot cut jeans are particularly flattering if you have full thighs and hips.

Avoid darts and pleats.

With darts and pleats, your clothes don’t sit flat on your body and make it appear you are carrying extra weight.

Select dark colors.

Everyone knows that black is slimming, but you can also choose colors such as chocolate brown, deep burgundy and navy.

Put your hair up.

An up-do will make your face look thinner and your neck look longer. Even a ponytail for a casual look will make you look thinner.

Skip the belt.

If you have a thick waist, don’t draw attention to it. Instead choose a flattering neckline to draw the attention away from your middle.

Try full tops.

If you are pear-shaped and have thick thighs and hips, choose a pair of streamlined pants or a straight skirt paired with a full top.

Accentuate the positive.

Everyone has something about their body they don’t like. Find something about your body that you love. If you hate your thighs but love your arms — pick a sleeveless dress to show off your arms but which also has an A-line skirt to cover your thighs

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