How To Impress Your Future In-Laws


It’s time for you to meet your partner’s parents and you are understandably nervous. You need to understand that preparation is important if you must succeed in impressing them. Here are a few ways to prepare for your meeting and ensure that you make them happy to welcome you into their family.


1.) Do Your Homework: Ask your partner about his/her parents’ hobbies. For example ladies, if Mom reads books, find out what type and her favourite author to keep the discussion light! If you don’t know about that particular writer, ask her about it! Guys, sports is the default topic for most men but if you or Dad are not the sporty type, try for occupations. Try and stay away from politics and religion unless you already know you both agree.

2.) Be Natural – Parents who are open-minded, accepting and excited to meet you will make this easy. But unfortunately, this is not the case with everybody’s Mother and Father! Especially if you’re dating the child of rigid no nonsense parents! If you’re not religious and don’t know scriptures word for word, don’t act like you do or pretend to be something you’re not. But be prepared to answer those questions! Always be open to be educated

3.) Be Helpful- Ladies, the kitchen is the default location to help your man’s mom. Even if she says she doesn’t need help, insist. If there are dishes that need to be washed, just do it. Guys, you can help Dad if you see him struggling with heavy objects. This shows that you will be a capable spouse for their child and not over-burden him or her.

4.) Dress the Part – Ladies, a simple dress and not so high heels are always great and please don’t wear short dresses or show cleavage. Please don’t use too much make-up either. Guys, sagging is not cool, period. Your in-laws need to know that they are giving their daughter out to a mature man and not to a rebellious teenager. You can wear nice Jeans with polo tops (No ripped jeans or raised collars) or go for a formal pants and shirt look. Just look your best.

5.) Mind Your Manners:  You need to assure your partner’s parents that you’re a well brought up, well-mannered individual so be polite, don’t interrupt and speak only when you’re spoken to. Even if they’re hostile, try your best to be pleasant all through.

Be confident and don’t forget to relax. Your in-laws are human too and they won’t bite .

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