Indonesia Investigates Bali Plane Crash

plane in the sea

Indonesia has launched an investigation into a plane crash which saw a jet miss the runway and make an emergency landing into the sea in Bali, breaking into two in the process.

The investigation got under way on Sunday, a day after the accident, as several injured passengers continued to receive medical treatment at local hospitals.

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s transport ministry said it plans to remove the wreckage from the blue waters of Bali.

“We plan to move the wreckage of the plane. The National Transportation Safety Committee, which is working on the investigation, agreed, because it is difficult for them to work if the aircraft is still in the water,” said Erry Bhakti, transportation director at Indonesia Transportation Ministry.

Reports had earlier put the number of passengers at 130, but officials say there were 101 passengers and seven crew members on board, and they all survived when the Lion Air Boeing 737-800 Next Generation crashed, forcing many of them to swim to safety.

“There was no warning that something wrong with the plane. Before the accident, the crew told us they were preparing to land and asked us to put the safety belt” said Andis Prasetyo, a survirvor.

“Suddenly I heard a loud noise and I found out we were next to the runway and on the water,” he said.

Passenger Tantri Widiastuti, 60, said he the plane “dropped into the water” without warning.

More than 40 people were treated for injuries including broken legs, head wounds and shock.

“It probably failed to reach the runway and fell into the sea,” said Edward Sirait, a spokesman for Lion Air, the airline created in 1999.

Since 2002, Lion Air has recorded six recorded emergencies, with one resulting in fatalities.

Sirait would not comment on the cause of the crash.