Insecurity: Buhari Should Be Held Responsible – Presidency

GMBGEJThe Presidency on Tuesday fell short of attributing the current insurgency in some parts of Northern Nigeria to Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) who it described as a leading protagonist of violence.

Buhari, a former Head of State, while speaking on the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation in London on Monday, said the Federal Government should be blamed for the lingering security challenges in the country.

Reacting to the interview, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said that it was unfortunate that Buhari could make such a statement.

Okupe who described Buhari as a man he holds in high esteem, however added that he had no option but to reply to his accusations against the Federal Government and the President.

Okupe said, “Everybody in this country knows that it was Buhari who vowed that if he did not win the election, he would make the country ungovernable for this President.

“It was this same Buhari, who said during the electioneering period  that if the votes were counted and he lost, people should go for blood.

“He is not in any position to apportion blame on the issue of violence in the North or in Nigeria  in general.

“He is a protagonist of violence. The only solution he sees to his not being President is to call for violence.

“This government has tried to contain some of the repercussions of the unguarded statements made by Buhari and I don’t think anybody in Nigeria will take him seriously on this allegation.”

Okupe wondered why  the Daura State-born general had refused to visit  states like Borno and Yobe despite the fact that he hails from the northern part of the country.

He said, “As a former Head of State, have you ever seen him (Buhari) visiting  Borno or Yobe State? Have you ever seen him  show sympathy to  people , either Christians  or Muslims that have been killed during these attacks (by Boko Haram)?

“Have you see him as a leader, a man who traversed the entire length and breadth of the North especially to canvass for votes seeking an end to the violence; why is it that  he cannot use that same clout that he has to get leaders together and say we must put an end to this carnage?

“He finds it comfortable  to shift the blame to other people. What has he done as a leader, who is from that region to help Nigeria and the North  out of  this unfortunate development?

“Nigerians should ask him, as a former Head of  State  and  stakeholder in the Nigeria project and a man who wants to be President again, if he would want  Nigeria  to be destroyed up to a point  before he  can  try to wade in? It does not work that way.”

Okupe said as a leader, Buhari should go beyond apportioning and do something crucial to bring the carnage in the country under control.

He reminded the Congress for Progressive Change’s national leader that during the crisis in Niger Delta, leaders from the  region went into the creeks and discussed with the militants to lay down their arms.

“Has Buhari done that? When Christians were killed, he kept quiet, when mosques were bombed, he did not say anything. He doesn’t have any other interest in Nigeria  but  his inordinate ambition to rule,” he added.


  1. If truly u have good reasons take action now. Or is it the responsibility to hold him responsible or dat of the FG? Then Mr president why can’t you drop this your desperate & selfish ambiton for the sake of Nigeria? Now you are talking about Buhari’s ambition. What about your?

  2. Stupid talk, I sense politics behind dis comment I tink is high time jonathan shuld forget about 2015 politics and try 2 do sometin visible to see cos I have not seen anytin good in his administration and we nigerians canot be fooled again about he has no shoes anymore

  3. What is preventing Buhari from being arrested? With all these evidences against him, does it mean he is above the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We should not fold our arms, nobody knows who will be the next victim of his act.

  4. Buhari is a blood sucking demon. Even if at all, Jonathan is not doing anything trust me he will still win those northern demons that call themselves politicians. You cannot rule us by killing us. If they like they should constest with an imbeside, they will still lose. Vampires!

  5. Wat dis guy is sayn is utterly rubish. Violence started since wen GEJ come 2 office (amidst zoning of PDP) He had plot evrytin in oda to cling to power upto 2 tenure (remember GEJ proposing 5yrs in a tenure). So dese ppl r jux lukin 4 d culprit. I only wish dat d truth has a tongue

  6. With the emergence of APC, The PDP and it government were totally confused and has nothing left in their actions nor words than character assesinating and backmelling of a person whom they believe from all indication wl become or voted by people as the president in the upcoming eection. Pdp most go!

  7. Henry Okah has already said that Jonathan and his aids conspired with ex Niger Delta Militant to perpetrate the 1st Oct 2010 explosion in other to frame Northern politicians esp the likes of Atiku IBB and Buhari so that as to win sympathy votes in 2011. He had wanted Okah to claim that the Northern politicians engineered the attack but Okah delined to oblige. Most of The Real Boko Haram were eliminated 18 months back. The current bombing in Northern Nigeria are mostly carried out by the military men for some unreasonable motives

  8. Tell GEJ to stop defaming Buhari for his selfish interest. For the fact dt he governs like a child does not give him the audacity to talk to a firm and respected leader like Buhari. He should come forward with genuine evidence & should stop tarnishing Buhari’s reputation in order to flourish his political ambition. GEJ is the genesis of BH. and he should give us an insight as to the whereabout of some BH that were arrested a while ago.

  9. U nigerians are d most foolish pple in d whole world….. U re taken ur leaders to bee ur gods dat u can’t take actions against dem…. U all will neva hav peace if u continue to allow dem to control u…. D re all humans just lik u…. D were born tru mothers just lik u…and u re der makin mouths and yet u can’t do anytin to eliminate dem all…. Continue keepin ur mouth shut whille deey be ur gods na beta fight for ur rights…. Foolish nigerians

  10. Presidency Shld Take Action Now Let Dem Arest Dis Man n Interogate Him He Is D Person Behinde Dis Problem Bcos After D 2011 gene election he said dis country wil not be governable 4 glock.he want 2 rule by force alah wil not alow devilish man in our natn

  11. Buhari should be brought to justice, he has ever hated xtians and never wanted our peace. Pls he should allow GEJ to rule and complete his mission before any other thing. Northerners are just very wicked to GEJ adm and they will never succeed bcos they will only destroy their home

  12. GEJ should put plans on the grounds to arrest all the Generals from Niger(NIGER STATE MAFIA) and tried them for looting and conspiring with Islamic Hooligans1. IBB 2, Buhari 3 Abdulsalaam Abubakar, not until this is done they will continue to hunt the progress of that nation. Thank you

  13. Doyin Okupe. U r talking rubbish absolute nonsense. Was it not ur oga at top that said some time ago that he knows the KH member? Why has he not been able to bring them to book? Ok I know its because u all have a stake in BK. Let me just tell u fear God now for ur days r numbered.