Inspiration: How To Be Prepared For Success

This is the very popular motto of the Boy Scouts. It seems very simple, just two words “Be Prepared” but is it? The concept of preparedness can never be over emphasized. This is highlighted by the large number of quotes relating to the subject.
“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity- Henry Hartman”, “Luck is a crossroad where preparation and opportunity meet” and so on. My favorite preparation quote,however, is “Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with the unprepared”
Preparation involves a number of things. You have to be mentally prepared for your opportunity by having a vision and you have to be physically prepared by creating an enabling environment for that vision to be actualized.
I have a lot of expectations and desires as I’m sure do all of us. I came across that quote in a book: “The Richest Man in Babylon” (If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do) and it made me think long and hard. I asked myself “Are you really prepared for your dreams to come true?”, “If everything you’ve ever wanted arrives right now, would you be able to handle it?”
This cast my mind to a story I once heard. There was a young woman who desperately wanted to travel abroad. It was her greatest wish but she couldn’t afford it so she prayed everyday for a miracle.
One day, her miracle arrived. She was called upon to embark on an urgent trip abroad on behalf of her company. Their visas would be processed and granted within 24 hours. The problem however, was that this young lady did not have a passport.
We all need to think deeply and ask ourselves , “Am I really prepared for my dreams to come true?”. You want a car, do you know how to drive?, You want to relocate to America, what will you do when you get there? You want to start your own business and you don’t have a business plan of any sort? Are you a Learner? You want to work in an oil company and you don’t even have your CV ready.
The fact is that there are thousands of people waiting for the same opportunity as you and some of them are working tirelessly day and night to prepare themselves for when that opportunity arrives. If you’re unprepared when your opportunity comes, it will pass you by and you may never get another chance.
Let’s all remember that “Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with the unprepared” so Be Prepared!!!

Source: – 5/4/2013