Inspiration: To Each His Own…


Recently, I had to write an essay to submit with a job application. The essay was to be titled “The Beauty of a Pig Rolling in Mud”. On seeing the title, my reaction was “These people must be jokers”. What could possibly be beautiful about a pig rolling in mud?

Then it occurred to me to ask: Why does a pig even roll in mud? I didn’t have the answer to this so I turned to my trusty friend Google (God bless the Google guys).

I discovered that a pig rolls in mud because it has very few sweat glands and rolling in mud helps keep it cool. It also rolls in mud as opposed to clean water because the clean water evaporates faster than the liquid in mud. So you see, the pig rolls in mud because it HAS to. Thus the pig is a victim of circumstance. It has no choice in the matter. It has been created to roll in mud and roll in the mud it must.

The truth is, the world is full of victims of circumstance. Each and every one of us has been in a position where something unfavourable had to be done and we had no choice but to do it. We have all had to roll in figurative mud at some point or the other in our lives.

Thus, the beauty of the pig rolling in mud is that it is not alone. Each and every day, people “roll in mud” to adjust to life’s circumstances. We compromise because we have to. As we say, “Na condition make crayfish bend”. So also, “Na condition make pig dey roll for mud”

So the next time you come across a muddy pig, don’t be so hasty to judge. You might not be covered in actual dirt, but you’re muddy all the same. To each his own mud…


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