Janet Jackson Converts To Islam, Quits Music

Superstar Janet Jackson is reportedly quitting the entertainment industry and is going to leave the country to become a Muslim.

janetRob Shuter tells reporters that Jackson is moving to the Middle East and is converting to Islam.

Shuter says that since she married billionaire Wissam Al Mana, she has tired of the grueling entertainment industry.

The pair got married last year in a very private ceremony, according to Shuter, and they want to live a private life away from the paparazzi.

Al Mana, a Qatar native, is involved in his family’s controlled Middle-East-based Al Mana Retail Group.

This is Jackson’s third marriage.

It should be noted that since her brèast was exposed at the super bowl she hasn’t been able to redeem her career and it has been downhill for her music and tv shows ever since


  1. Allahu Akbar, Surely the religion of Truth is ISLAM. And ISLAM is bound to conquer the whole world Insha Allah.
    Welcome to ISLAM Janet

  2. We don’t want people like her in christianity, coz christianity Ī$
    Not for every body. Christianity Ī$
    For those that are ready to live like jesus christ and ƧĦΞ did not worth ɪ̣̝̇ŧ.

  3. Good for her as xtainity was only designed to enrich d western founders such as rome even though d religion originaly comes frm midle east…..d whitemen hav suceeded in using it to debase our culture while planting imorality in place…….pple shuld either embrase african traditional religion or in d alternativ islamic religion as pple will donate milions to construct virgin marys image nd members wil go to worship it insted of workin hard to earn a living

  4. I do thanks GOD for you, here you are on the right channel. Mrs jay no amount of intimidiation will supress amen……

  5. Janet, is this what u are telln people u are? U can keep a home, u are more a bitch than a whore, what come over u so cheap and easy to be twict, janet u need JESUS CHRIST more than u ever do, let me tell deliverance is what u are lookn for not another marriage for it whont last, and were u are headn to is more hell than what u ever expectd. Devil never give life but destruction dont b so blind. May JESUS have mercy on u.

    • Did she tell u she was a genuine Christian? It’s a pity she joined the religion of Boko Haram. She followed the man because she was after his money and not a change of life. Besides no religion saves. Mohammed claimed he doesn’t know the way- walahu aalamu. But the Bible is truly specific about the way to heaven- and that is only through the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. John 14:6; Yahaya 3:36

  6. Allahu Akbar! May Allah SW save your iman. My advice to you Janet Jackson is “fear Allah wherever you are dont bad muslims who are responsible to “terorism, be social to every body in any religion or culture these are good muslims”

    • Don’t b deceivd this is d right path weicom to the only religion in d sight of the creator of. d the heaven and the earth…ALLAH

  7. How can she live like Jesus Christ? Jesus(Isah AS) is a messanger of God. Allah is merciful and He is ready to forgive anyone that turn to Him in repentance. Avoid critics.

  8. gud 4 janet, let them say, ISLAM s d religion of Aadam. Moses. And Our Jesus, all of them bring nothn or other religion dan Islam, and Muhamed (s.a.w) is the seal of all prophets, Janet u are wellcome to Islam, Allahu Akbarrrr…….

  9. Well some one said christianity is a means to debase our culture………. first of all.. Did Islam originate from Africa? the second is, Islam may just be the true religion that has no LOVE FOR MANKIND…….. at least your BOKO HARAM brethren can testify to that…

    • Some pple ar so myopic. Don’t u kno that there is no associatn btw ISLAM and BokoHaram. Okay NigerDelta millitants are they not christians what do u hav to say about that

  10. Alhamdulillahi,i tank almighty Allah 4 leting u no d right path and may He continue 2 guide u nd and us 2 straight path.also using this medium 2 cal on all other disbelievers 2 accept islam 2day as it is d only way 2 paradise.

  11. Allahu Akbar, sister Janet you are most welcome to the religion of peace, we are saying sallamu Alaiku to you. @ nero boko haram. Are hiding under the umbrella of Islam to operate, believe me you there are Christians in that group too.

  12. Hi sister janet Allah is great , I really thanks God for ur life , in islam is a religion of peace and not violence, may the Almighty Allah be with us all and grant us eternal life amin.
    My own believe in God is dat Almighty Allah has design the whole world for His purpose, so my dear brothers and sister do not critises any religion at all , whatever the good and the bad u do in dis world is what God will use to judge u in holy heaven.

  13. hahahahaha y r u people decving ur selves like dis na.she was never a christian,she is just a lost soul who decide 2 get lost 4ever bcaus she is after worldly pleasure..some practice christianity while other represent it she has been representing it..islam indeed.

  14. Allah loves u Janet,bcos this is a rare mercy from Him,He brought u out of darkness into light, may AllahSWT guide ur iman and give u Idaya n bless ur marriage.amin

  15. its a great achievement on to u and its so the miracle of emaan. u might face lots of challenge from ur former faith group as though harth ur brother but be firm and bold to show ur faith its ur choice, ur right and ur life. Non can force ur otherwise, no u shall b persicuted in this system. may Arrahman favours u sister. Allah bless the rest of ur life and all of us.

  16. What do u pple expct 4rm janet whose business & fame in d music industry is crumbling to do when she has found a billionaire husband who can protect her financially? Ofcourse, she wuld do everything possible 2 please d dude, and it wuld be dissaster 4 her 2 think of practicing another religion apart 4rm that of her supposed husband. Besides, it wuld be difficult 4 janet 2 practice CHRISTIANITY under d roof of a muslem supposed husband & in d middle east(terrorists zone) 4 that matter. How are we sure that she wuld nt dump him aftr she must hv liquidated his business? Well, islam or no islam, time will TELL. The question is, is this her first marriage? Which reasonable CHRISTIAN wuld want 2 get married 2 a woman who has been divorced by more than two men? Can she cope with the demands of CHRISTIANITY? That is just the d easiest way 4 her because by the time she is given ten count divorce statements, her present supposed husband’s junior brother wuld also pick her up 4 a wife, that can only be possible in islam. To me, that is the only option available 2 her now.

  17. Allahuakbar,LOON has indeed enjoying his Lfe in d right,true and Peace Religion and Nw u join after him,WELL CME 2 NEW WORLD,A NEW DAY HAS COME,SISt feel d difference!.!Remain D U.S.A PRESIDENT Hussein Mubarak Obama b’cos of his comments,admits,Declair islam in Many Occassion

  18. Masha Allah, may Allah bless ur union, may he in his Infinite mercy guide ur iman n protect u agaist d enemy. Amin! Islam the true religion no one goes to d father expect thru d religion of the last prophet says( jesus) that is MUHAMMAD S.A.W u r welcome to the parth of sucess.

  19. Janet don’t listen to any critic from anybody what have they done to save your first and second marriage? This fools will never call God but Jesus they forget that Jesus is a human beign like them that is whyt they always fail.
    So, Janet find a beautiful name among all the beatiful names in Islam and answer because you will never see any muslims that bears christian name but christian bears muslim name like Jacob Abdullai, Mathew Issa, Ayishat Abimbola, Pastor Mohammed Alli etc these people find it difficult to chage their names because it belongs to Islam the religion that the woshipers call on ALLAH (GOD) the creator and prophet Muhammed (SAW) is his messanger. Be wise.

  20. Allahu-akbar, god is the guider and he has chosen you janet to the right parth may he keep you in it till the last day with all fellow muslim in the world, once again u a welcome to the religion of peace and the only religion recognise by god.

  21. West/christian= failure! Janet, u’ve bn 4gven= Allah is Great! Islam= the only way! Even, Prophet Isa- Jesus himself, is a devoted muslim, and thought in an Islamic way… COME BACK HOME, NEVER TU LATE 4 U MY FRND…!

  22. Allahu Akbar! Yukhrijul hayya minal mayitti. Christian critics please suspend ur judgment, that’s how God does his things. Hope Sister Janet Jackson did join Islam with good faith n intentions.

  23. Welcome to the religion of islam jenet.it only third world countries that polytheistic religion like christianity can gain ground cos poverty hv made many blind.unfurtunately polyteism is d characteristic of traditional african religion,hence christianity seems aceptable to them.

  24. Jane why have you chosen the way of the Ishmelites? Now your troubles in life has just begun. Well I should think you are a mole planted to reveal the antics of the al Qeader (middle east version of the boko Haram)

  25. Masha Allah Janet Jackson you are welcome to religion of peace. The only acceptable religion in the day of judgement.

  26. Haa miss, i really thanks almighty Allah 4 leadind you to the righteous way as He did it for your late brother (M.J) that is muhammod jamiu we muslim believe in Him because we cannot se Him and we are whorship for Him becouse we belief He is one & we belief muhammed is messenger. I thank Him ones again for leading you to the right way.

  27. enyaaaaaaaah sorry for u Janet. From frying pant to fire. Ur soul is lost for ever xcept u repent and come back to Jesus christ. Ur only saviour. Ur soul ve been harvest for hellfire. U ve lead many to hellfire and now u r totally married to the devil and sold ur soul to the devil. Hellfire is reall and heaven is reall!!! No wonder the bible said no unclean thing will enter the kingdom of God. Janet u ve missed the way. I pray God will restor u befor it will be too late for u!!!

  28. i wonder why christians are always critisizing, whenever they hear anytin about islam, they will flaireup. is that what ur bible tells you?

  29. U ar welcum to new nd clean world my dear sista may Allah for giv u all ur sin nd grant ur wish.janet……islam religion of peace…u ar highly welcum janet jackson

  30. Going to church or mosque does not mean u are pure, we are all sinners! only God knws the good and d bad, dont judge others, check youself

  31. Hunmmmmmmmm!
    Just get this right, Mrs Janet, you have choosen the one of the best religion that teaches moral and put into bondage.

  32. Noise makin pple, she hasnt converted and ppl are already fightin,.wen she does u will see celebration wit bombs,i wont hide it,pls janet remain where u are cos islam 4 nw has bin hijacked by blood suckers,islamist are not 4 peace 4now,our prophet (S.A.W) is cryin where he is now

  33. janet am so sory 4 u. Nd mak shore u hold tyt. Dis ur new religion…am not agens u..in christianity we dnt beg or force pple to sty..dis new place u ar i know is becos of furtun after u ar don wit acuering all den u will becom a preasona to da devil. Open ur eye sister.

  34. @ nero cristian CAN members are the sponsor of top Boko haram leader, we the muslim believe that boko haram are sect originated from cristianity but using illeterate muslim to achieve their quest. 2ndly why do you have to abuse janet just bcos she left cristianity, this is her choice and wjat she wants. U that us wasting his time paracticing christianity is ur own chice and what u want but mind u God sent jesus to children of israel and not the whole world so i wonder how u even bcome a cristian black man like u. Sister janet welcome to islam, God has really show u the light

  35. every evil thing is possible in Islam , marrying more than 20 wifes ,killing ,bokko harram,pregnanting underage girls, committing immoralities with our popular female actor,that is where Janet belongs evil religion.

  36. Always in this world truth will b coming out, d only answer to rescue ur soul frm evil world is to convert ur self in reading, reserch, and askin evry once wide view wit out sentiment.
    look in American christian iluminati wat dey did to president jp kenedy, mathew luter king j, malcom x, etc. and now what dey did to dmx, loon, napolean, castro, xibit, ludacrice etc.
    plz lets us unplug our self.
    jenet am happy for u

  37. Holy and whole heart of muslims and Islam atlarge are at peace with you today and throwing you the most ever prestigious welcome in to adorable religiou.This is your home, this is where you belong. You are specially welcome once again.

  38. Stupid chinedu. Islam is a religion of peace not of war. In islam only 4 wives are aloud. Only illeterates like u don’t understand. Check what nollywood actors and actresses are doing in the industery. Are they real acting, or devils. We believe in prophet isa( jesus). So janet u ar highly welcome to the truth religion.

  39. Welcome 2 d religion of peace. It baffled me y sme p’ple dnt use their faculties of thinkin as due. hve u had a time 2 reason y are p’ple convertin in2 islam??? Dis is d prblm wit black skin. Dey do research 2 discover d true religion & dey embrace it. Y d insults? It’s a choice left 4 every1 2 make. Boko haram In Sha Allah will soon cascaded 2 knw if it’s muslims or not, there, shame will efface xtian. Welcome 2 a new world Janet. May Allah strenghten u in Islam.

  40. @diskan,mat,clement, I think u gals ar right Christianity is nt for her becos she as decided to live right,nowadays Christians wil neva anythin wrong in d kind of life she lives b4,if u can earn unlawfully is allow,if u can act gay firm as nollywood actors as just done is allowed, only islam sees to ur well being in all aspect of life. B it hw u live,what u wear,what u eat,d kind of wrk u do and every tin about u

  41. Welcome to the religious of peace. Never mind those adversary of religion (christian) who don’t know the root of their religion. Let them alter anything on you. Why do they have mouth if they didnt do that. May Allah continue to guide you, me and the generality of all muslim from the wrong path (christianity and other religion). Allah has said you can not change someone except He has accept to change him/her. Let the stupid people continue altering there statement. The ressurection day is on the way and we shall see who has the best religion. Janet Jackson, welcome to the religion of peace. May Allah continue to guide you.

  42. I wish michael was alive, u would have been dead by now. But remember that death must occur no matter the amount of ur money . I pray that God’ll have mercy on u, if u turn back to him.

  43. Senseles peopl,in der own relign dey fight 4 God. der aim&objectiv is 2 destroy al d xtian wit der boko haram,dey see der relign as religion of peac which is a pure lie,in d north der burn churches kil xtians&dey cal it lada. Relign of destructn

  44. Alhamdulilahi, thank Allah 4 ur life, 4 Allah had shown u clearly that He loves u. Indeed this is a great development in ur lyf. Even ur dear brother Micheal Jackson (may Allah b please with him) accepted when he realises dat islam is the way. Pls don’t be intimidated u are on the right part

  45. U can claim religion,bt u cnt fake d 2tru faith, wic is 2tru d son of God, Jesus. Janet jackson get connectd 2 d source of ur lyf, & stop bin confuse, cus of Moni, dat u can get extra of it in Christ

  46. Sister Janet i swear with God dat created everytin in d heaven and earth u are on d right part. Bcos Juses himself came with Islam left with Islam.

  47. Janet is confused and is in a search for a meaningful life and succor. There’s a void in her dat longs to be filled. Unfortunately she has missed it just like many dat have gone b4 her. No religion can fill her void, and dat explains why ds is about her 3rd or 4th marriage. Any guarantee dat ds won’t go d way of the others? I don’t think so. Cos only a genuine relationship with the Almighty God thru His only begotten son can fill d void. I think she’s on a search train for this and how I pray the Almighty God grants her mercy to find it soon. Bless u Janet.

  48. U are welcome to the religion of peace. May ALLAH bless u n may HE 4gv u of all ur sins. Neva mind dose dat says u r lost, afterall dey didnt flw ur broda to his grave wen he turned muslim. Barallahufih

  49. Welcome to the complete way of life. At least now u will dress more responsibly. Allah is always ready to forgive and accept u back. May Allah(SWA) see u tru ur trying period ameen. And for those of u whining ut dirty mouth to insult islam the only true religion of God I pity u in ur graves. Then we will know who will laugh last.

  50. Please guys let behave maturely muslim or no muslim christian or no christian just pray for her to change her bad way instead of criticinzing if she choose to be a muslim fine but wat i wnt my christian fellow to do is to pray for her so that God or allah wil forgive her sin

  51. Americans bear xtian names & it doesnt make them xtian.Janet simply need a sexually strong man that is tested & trusted bcos i know d guy might hv had more than 4 wives earlier.

  52. hay all u Islam kip shout she did d moni nt d man give her 1yr i belt she will quit. una think say she no like better tin d man say she must stay with him 4 5yrs so wait and c. nah una go still cal hers names till den

  53. Allahu Akbar, i ask Allah (SWA) to guide the muslim & non muslim especially those living in the west, & the enitre humanity

  54. I Agree to what u Said @james.
    U all shouldn’t be Arguing abt Boko haram or Niger Delta Militants. The truth is that Every Single Soul that is in this World is just a CONFUSED Human being.

    Every body has his or her Own freedom of choice.Let just see if this Marriage will Last .

  55. Wow………is bizzare to read most of the comments which is based on nothing but sentiment and unguarded utterances.Janet in question has her life to live,if indeed we all like her,we should continue to hope and wish that she should be in the right frame of mind.
    Enough of all these religious attack on the side of the viewers,our comment is simply a reflection of the kind of person each one of us is,let us show decorum and respect each time we are privilege to say something.

  56. Janet converted to Islam and Muslim are rejoicing? Cheap and low esteem, she’s set to earn $500million if she stay married to him for 2years, this is strictly business and not a victory for Islam. No Christian will rejoice over this kind of news but I really don’t know why muslims behave this way. Open you eyes and hears muslim brothers and sisters, this is business for Janet Jackson who never had a religion and she’s been offered luxury and a retirement/divorce/stay and enjoy more bonus of $500million. Strictly business

  57. Allahuakbar,sis jenet u are highly welcome 2islam,the religion of peace,it is d paith 2paradise,nobody can’t get paradise without being a muslim.Don’t listen d devil comment by those blind chritens.May allah be with u n guide u.amin

  58. Whether she convert to a christian or muslim….good for her.
    But u people should mind what you say about other peoples religion.
    My fellow christians,we should remember even,the bible says ye shall know the truth nd it will set u free.if u know your God,u wnt argue with people dat dnt even have the understanding of the bible.
    People dt worship God in truth nd spirit still worship him regardless of what people say..it is meant to be.cos they are the generation of Ishmael,the son of the slave given birth to by Abraham.
    Niger millitants are not christians.if they are,dey will never kidnap a fellow humans nd asked for ransom.my bible did not teach us that.
    But Boko harams are muslims….they bomb churches,kill people nd caused alot of havoc.is that wat islam is about? to take d life of ur fellow human even wen dey dnt serve ur God or follow ur beliefs.
    Islam is not a peaceful religion at all!.

    But one thing for sure is that,Jesus christ as died nd used his blood as an atonement for our sins…..even for the muslims.
    Jesus conquered the world!…..

  59. Enough of all dis criticism. Most of d verses in Bible were 4rm Qur’an nd dats why wenever d muslims called Jesus(Isah) A.S dey always pray 4 him. Wen did christain Cal Muhammad S.A.W nd pray 4 him? If nt insult. Dis is wot a honest person wuld tink nd decid. As 4 Janet hope ur intention is clean if nt u may nt survive it.

  60. Mashal Allah! May almighty Allah be with you and show others who are yet to see the purpose of life and creation the right way to eternity. Those of you who condemns Islam, wake up and study every word in your Bible and live like Jesus in totality. Jesus never said worship me as your God, but one and only God. The God of Adams, Abraham, Noah, Jacobs, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all that Exists. I pray to God to cure the unbelievers satanic diseases in their minds to enable them to see the right way and also have the opportunity to serve their creator for the purpose of their creation before their demise.

  61. nde Akande Walexy
    Sheikh Khalid Yasin wrote:
    Ask the Christian the following
    – Would you say that God is all
    – Would you say that God has
    complete authority?
    – Would you say that God is all
    Then ask is Jesus was the above?
    But Jesus was none of the above
    – How can Jesus and God be one and
    the same when they have different
    wills – [John 5:30] -“… as I hear, I
    judge: and my judgment is just;
    because I seek not mine own will, but
    the will of the Father which hath sent
    – How can Jesus be God when his
    power comes from God – [John 5:30]
    -“I can of mine own self do nothing…”
    and [Acts 2:22] – “Men of Israel, hear
    these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man
    attested to you by God with mighty
    works and wonders and signs which
    God did through him in your midst, as
    you yourselves know…”.
    – [John 13:16] – “Verily, verily, I say
    unto you, The servant is not greater
    than his lord; neither he that is sent
    greater than he that sent him”.

  62. Sheikh Khalid Yasin wrote:
    Ask the Christian the following
    – Would you say that God is all
    – Would you say that God has
    complete authority?
    – Would you say that God is all
    Then ask is Jesus was the above?
    But Jesus was none of the above
    – How can Jesus and God be one and
    the same when they have different
    wills – [John 5:30] -“… as I hear, I
    judge: and my judgment is just;
    because I seek not mine own will, but
    the will of the Father which hath sent
    – How can Jesus be God when his
    power comes from God – [John 5:30]
    -“I can of mine own self do nothing…”
    and [Acts 2:22] – “Men of Israel, hear
    these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man
    attested to you by God with mighty
    works and wonders and signs which
    God did through him in your midst, as
    you yourselves know…”.
    – [John 13:16] – “Verily, verily, I say
    unto you, The servant is not greater
    than his lord; neither he that is sent
    greater than he that sent him”.

  63. Janet is in a contract marriage, perhaps her converting 2 islam is a term in d contract and @d expiration of it, she’ll return back 2 where she belong(not Christianity anyway); She never acted/behave like one, cus d attributes of christ are not inherent in her. More so, she’s a biznes woman and she’s afta d juicy clause in d contract.

  64. Janet Jackson, all you presently need is JESUS CHRIST. He will give you eternal peace that you long for. Think twice, allow the Holy Spirit of God to administer unto you, don’t make this detrimental decision. God loves U.

    • Kingsley, She converted to Islam therefore she is now a better believer of Jesus than any Xtian (sorry to say, it is not an insult). Muslims have the better knowledge and believe of Jesus (peace be upon him). I advised you to google Muslims belief in Jesus or download Pdf. version of this book JESUS AND THE BIBLE by RASHAD ABDUL MUHAIMIN and Let the Bible Speak by AbdulRahman Dimashkia. Let us not be blinded by sentiment bros. If you have any book on christianity that will make me understand it very well help me pls. U are free to add me on facebook. I love you all.

      • Nura Abdullahi Bagwai, I am a christian though but I agree with most of the things you said except to let you know that not all christians teach the same thing. You expressed ur sentiments about christians not knowing christ enough and correctly so bcus most christians dont imitate him, most dont actually know him, they say dat Jesus is God. Something Jesus himself would never agree to. Jesus himself have his God he worships ( The Almighty God). So dat is why I agree with you to some extent, but I want to educate you on the fact that there are some real christians who thoroughly knows christ, that is where I belong and if you are really interested to know more about christ I will be a great deal of help. you can email me on [email protected]. Thank you so much!

  65. Why all dis brawl? Why all dis stupidity? Dis is the same thing dat starts war in nigeria…who is de better religion??? Why can muslims jes shut dey mouth up and worship what so eva dey want to worship without castigating christians? Do u do this to other religions? And why cant christians worship God without running they mouth on muslims? Is that de way things are done? And to muslim fools, does koran teach dat u convert others to ur religion with the use of swords and bloodshed? Is dat wise? Wea is ur value for life?…well janet jackson, u are free to be wateva u want to be…u guys wea once on the part of truth as jehovah’s witnesses…but music and fame made u leave…now u wander in the dark…i do hope u find the light again

  66. She has neva been a xtian,so ds is no news.It’s only wen kirk Franklin converts to Boko haram religion dt i wl raise an eye brow

  67. Narrow is the way that lead to life and only few finds it while broad is the road that leads to distruction and multituteds walk through that path. Salvation is very important in the life of a human being. If u are born a christian or u are a convert, u are privilege cus all has been done by Jesus Christ. Ur soul is more important cus what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul. Remember ur brother died a miserable dead cus of tins like dis. U have ur life to live though. God help u to preach christ in dis journey uv embak on. Jesus is Lord!

  68. It is a pity that you people are fighting yourself over Janet Jackson religion,Religion CANNOT take anybody to anywhere,please leave janet alone.And moreover you people should face your business.

  69. All praised be to Almighty Allah, i can’t susprised when Janet Jackson convert to religion of Allah, because many great unbelievers convert to Islam. So what u are waiting for come and convert into the most greatest religion, the most peaceful religion, the most growing religion, the only true religion is Islam. Islam is the only religion that lead us to success in here and after.

  70. Islam is the only religion that people get into becos of wat they can benefit from it, they teach u hhow to abide by laws that r created by men for their own selfish purposes, I rily dnt blame most muslims cos ey r all a bunch of blind pple been led by d blind n wil surelly enter into the pit.

  71. Janet Jackson’s convert is not worth discussing really. Why dnt we talk abt 20 thousand Americans embracing Islam annually nt bcos of d love 4 money or bcos dey desperately want to marry but bcos dey find Islam as a solutin to dia problem. Here in Nigeria majority of Christians nd Muslims are full of hypocracy. Our religious leaders are d richest in d world nd Nigerians live below poverty line.

  72. I am not suprised cos of their envoLvments with satan! I know many rich muslims donate money to lure loosed christian celebrities to IsLam as a means of promoting Islam! Christians don’t announce such because God made it happen and not by luring with riches! Our religion don’t guarantee us paradise but our did while we are alive! Muslims shoudnt bother about how feelings about Jusus but how to make it to heaven on the last day! Janet jackson can be a wife to an Imam its up to her! All I know is that it is a way of losers surviving in that part of the world! She is finished in US and still need to maintain her profile!

  73. Judge no body… Because no one does it better except allah…… Wellcome to the religion of peace….. And peace be with u and everybody.. ameeen….

  74. Janet is only a frustrated chap. She has lost out in so many areas. She has been denied any asset in d multi-billion wealth of her late brother,Michael. She lost million of US dollars in her recent records bcos ppl are tired of her nudity. Her name is faded out of d celebrity world so shez beeing paid by dis billionaire Muslim man so dat her name can come back 2 limelight. Aside divorcing about 3 men previously,Janet was severally caught sleeping with teenagers during auditions of her albums. Can u see that aunty janet lives in an outright world of controvercy?

  75. what a shame? People turning from one religion to another for money. Lets stop playing politics here on religion. Whatever you believe, please embrace it and follow the tenet of your believe. It is senseless and sinful insulting other peoples believe.

  76. According 2 d bible it makes me 2 undastand dat no one has d rit 2 judge except God(JEHOVA).Leave janet alone let her make her choice since evry 1 is entitled 2 take decisions on their own.i just hope she wont regret.and dnt eva call islam a religion of peace rather it is xtian dat is religion of peace n harmony bcos we neva engage in war n conflicts.luk at all muslims country around d world is in disarray fightings and killings of innocent ppu like in syria,egypt,libya compared 2 oda xtian country like spain,italy,rome,usa,france,portugal etc ar all livin in peace n jesus is d son of God.proud 2 b a xtian

  77. Freedom of Religion is one of the fundamental human rights, which means Janet or any other person for that matter is at liberty to practice any religion of his or her choice….If this is correct as l know it is, what is the fuss about ?

  78. This is a very wrong mentality and bad habit with us the africans,whenever ther’s issue or acticle written about christian/muslem,we will begin to insult one and other without thinking what good will come out of our augment On what ground are we doing all this?Are we fighting for GOD?or devil is playing on our believes to ruin us .christians and muslem should see one and other as GOD’s ambassador of peace, where people run to,to learn about the mind of GOD,working togetherto fight evil and uphold good .

  79. Everyone should understand that she married a multi billionaire and this maybe a condition for her to stay married to d guy or loose out from the guys billions. Her career is totally over so this is like a win win for her. If the union ends later, that will not stop her from staying a muslim.
    I see this as a contract.

  80. JANET all world musulim are much very happly to be belove brothers sister in islam,with this we are welcome you from dark to light very appreciation.WE THANK GOD ameen!

  81. Alah says 4 d christain deir abode is hell,n worst indeed is dat destinatn.she has jst sav herself 4rm dat.as for boko haram,alah creat truth 2 fight evil n boko haram wil destroy ur evil work if u dnt embrace

  82. Christainity is a busines were pple go 2 enrich their self.bt islam say d world is nth bt little enjoyment.bt hereafta is beta.she hs work towards ha hereafta.asalamu aleikum sista janet.d best of all greetins

  83. Hahaha!! We don’t lk pple lk her in christianity because she belong to where d devils and his angels demons belong. And 4 Dose of u dat are nt even a shame of saying dt islam is a religious of peace are u nt 4rm 9ja? What did islam turn d north east of 9ja into? U are here opening ur 32 saying dt islam is d religions of peace u better repent be 4 rose in hell.

  84. “And when you look at them,their bodies please you;and when they speak,you listen to their words. They are as block of wood propped up. They think that every cry is against them. They are the enemies, so beware of them. May Allah curse them! How are they denying(or deviating from the right path)”-suratul munafiqoon. Quran63vs4. Janet did not converted to Islam. Every being was created a muslim so she REVERTED to Islam. Alhamdulillah. Salaam Alaikum.

  85. It has been said that towards d end of d world d 2rul shall be Seen and it shal b followed by d wise. If M.J can change then Allah can bless any1. ALHAMDULILLAH 4 HER

  86. Janet is not christian, she has an english name just like the elder bro wako jako, can there be anything good frm that family except illuminati projected things they want u to see. This is her 3rd marriage anyway islam fits her solidly, whore!

  87. u tuk d truth out of the dark, plz am happy for u for leaving chritian illuminati group. plz b a gud muslim not terorist control by christian illuminati.

  88. Dat’s wia Janet Jackson belongs,i’m not disapointed,we dn’t need ur type in d communion of saints,gud enough 4 u dat u’re now in d religion of grave,religion of terrorists,gud bye bitch.

  89. fools you all are…… we Muslims know that our religion is not a peaceful religion as we are d cause of over 80% of the world’s troubles today….. am a Muslim but AV researched on both religions and found out that Christianity is God’s plan for us. just that a lot of christians are lost. they don’t know what Christianity is all about. but well ….. from my research I found out that even Jesus had predicted this…. that there will be many false prophets and they will lead many astray ….. Janet was never a Christian because her life never reflected any of the ways of Christianity. AV moved with genuine Christians in d past and I know what it looks like to live a Christian life. we Muslims shouldn’t be rejoicing that someone like Janet is even converted to Islam. as she doesn’t represent what we believe and I don’texpect her to change after converting

  90. Religion of peace, yet sword is their logo.
    We have firms of JESUS acted by professional actor who re not even Christians, but wheneva they act d life dat mohd lived, d whole muslims wil rise wit their swords, bcos mohd lived immoral life. He married d wife of his step son. He was nt from God at all.

  91. Now its obvious,we are what whitemen call us”monkeys”.look at unhealthy arguement,vry babaric is style.religion dnt influence us in dis country,evrytn contrary 2 both bible & quran.muslim boko & xtian N/D militant,nonsense.

  92. Welcm 2 d religion of peace dear Janet. Indeed u ve takin d best decision eva in ur total being. Allahu Akbar. May ‘HIS’ worthy name b praise alwayz. U very much wlcm, may (SWT), guide, protect, save, cova u wit ‘HIS’ bounties nd best of luv, coz no luv is as divined as dat of ‘HIS’…………….

  93. Well…Janet makes her choice to dine with the devil and to live with his children and his constituted blindfolded religion(islam) ..LAUGHS worshippers of five dreaded idols…tell us, what do you people kept in Kaabba room where you worships in your so called holy land?…oh! you think we don’t know? may God deliver you people through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. AMEN!

  94. Funny comment, comment by people that say they are educated but Shea Judgment day will tell who’s believe is True, for me ℓ̊ love ma Savior Jesus Christ the savior of the World.

  95. Funny comment, commented by people that say they are educated but Shea Judgment day will tell who’s believe is True, for me ℓ̊ love ma Savior Jesus Christ the savior of the World.

  96. Some pple are so funny saying janet convert to islam bcos of money,what wordly life can comevince some1 like janet to change if nt dat she has discover d way to paradise? May Allah stregthen u more in d right way & reward u more in dis life & d hereafter.

  97. Religion is the opium of the people. Jenet is too insignificant to be a basis for cntroversy. she was never a Christian.

  98. janet,you are among the millions that are converting AL Islam even pope francis had too.Islam is the only way to paradise,all others leads to nOwhere but blazing hell fire.You are welcome,congrats.

  99. Forget jacsons. Islam is dominating world now. From oil and gas to the architect, from entertainment industry to football league. ☂ust sit back and see what is goin to happen in the next 20 years to come. Despite all the bloody political violence people invent in the name of islam, U̶̲̥̅̊ still see some notable personalities embrace the religion. The trend I foresee to grow by 50percent in next 20years.

  100. Why are people carried away with religion and not for the salvation of their souls.what is religion? A religion is man’s attempt to discover God to have his or her problems being solved. The book of proverb 14 vs 12 said there is a way that seemeth right to a man but the end thereof is destruction. The question is, is her name in the Book of Life? May Jesus have mercy upon her.she should know that her brother micheal is in hell.

  101. We re just human, we should mind hw we say things. Everybody has a life to live, n everything happen for a reason. So i can say dat, it doesn’t matter whether one is religious or non-religious. D most crucial case is dat Janet has choosen to live a normal life. U people should be reasonable. May she continue to live right…. Amen

  102. Jesus said `decide` Mohamed said `submit`. To any reasonable rational being_religious sentiments aside which is fairer? From what i’ve gathered, islam was developed out of the jealousy that the descendants of Ishmael had(and still has) on the offsprings of Isaac. In the first place Ishmael was a bastard son of Abraham given to him by one of his servants Hagar. God’s favourite and promised child was Isaac. The Ishmaelites (now Arabs) have always sought retribution for their rejection via: war with Israel, conflicts etc. Buh one day they found a stronger way to drive their message of retribution home `religion`. If only my misguided muslim brothers could read the undiluted ancient history of the middle East they’d find out that all Islam had ever done was to draw away people from the way to the father. Judaism had been in existence centuries before Christ was born why didn’t the Arabs invent islam then? They didn’t cuz they were busy with wars against the God’s own people_which has always been and will always be an effort in futility. Jehovah(God) was never pleased with the code of living which Moses gave to His people_(which brought about Judaism) so God promised redempion for the sins of men which only the blood of his incarnate could do, so He instructed the ancient prophets to write down the coming of His son. Not suprisingly Mohamed’s name was never mentioned in the books of the prophets. When Jesus came and introduced Himself as the only way to the father judaist priests planned death for Him cuz they didn’t believe God could send His soon to Earth as a poor man. They finally put Him to death_which was actually what He came to do. Immediately the world recognised they way and followed it, satan sent his demon to appear as God’s angel to tell an already frustrated trader in the person of mr mohamed that he would be a prophet_which brought about the anti-way to heaven doctrine called islam. so long a history buh i can’t just pause! If islam wasn’t so blind why would it advocate that people fear and kill themselves for their supposed creator. Jehovah who is the one true God wants us to love and worship Him, He wants to be in frequent communication with Him. Buh islam forbids muslims from speaking with God cuz they don’t know who He is. Think twice fellas there is no grace in the grave.

  103. wen der comes d help of Allah and victories, and u see dem entering d religion of Allah in companies. den celebrate d praise of ur Lord and ask His forgiveness, surely He is oft-returning (chapter 110 suratun-Nasr)

  104. Dont let us play politics on region, every body mind ur business, every one shall give account of he self
    There is a way that seemeth right in the sight of man but the end thereof is destruction.

  105. That Janet has converted to islam does not mean that she should be crucified. It is a matter of choice and believe and if anybody see it otherwise, he or she should provide proofs as to why she shouldnt convert. We are in a free world where everything is open. Let the christians stop the abuse and embrace an intellectual debate to prove she made a wrong choice or else wish her good luck.

  106. Allah Akbar! You are have seen the light…. Finally, you are in the right and best way of life…… Barakallahu fil! Don’t mind those useless beings, they know nothing. They are yet to see the light…………..

  107. Michael Jackson converted to islam, why wont Janet? ‘As soon as Michael got into problems, he wants to be surrounded by Muslims. Plus half his was already made of pork by then’ – Katt Williams. How can he go to a mosque in that condition? Now Janet has got plenty of financial problem, and she’s finally got a bail out from the Qatar guy, what do u expect a shallow minded person to do? Aint shitting on nobody’s religion, but i refuse to participate in a religion which entertain violence (fighting for God, Jihad or whats ever), or a religion which would force me to be part of it. Am a Man & i bow to no man.

  108. Why are you Christians disturbing yourselves over Janet Jackson for converting to Islam? She was never a xtian as far as am concerned. She is following the footsteps of her late brother who tasted all the religion on earth and later died a miserable death. And for you muslim fools, your imams and mallams have hidden the truth from you in the quran. Allah is one of the gods in Mecca and he is not God in anyway. There is only one God and that is the God and Father of Jesus Christ.

    Janet Jackson has just converted to the religion of hell. That’s her business besides God wants a relationship and not a religion. Islam aka religion of bloodshed and confusion is causing trouble over the world. Its followers are so blinded that they do not know what they are doing.
    God has given us free-will to choose between good and evil but He advises that we choose good. That is why some are joining occult, illuminatti and other satanic practices like Islam.

    Take it or leave it God is Three in One – The Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit).
    There is nothing like Allah or Mohammed in the Bible. Only Ishmael who was rejected. Concerning Mohammed, he did not even know where he was going. If he was so important the Bible would have made much references to him like the Prophets and Apostles.

    People go into Islam because of the material things they will get like Janet just did but they asked themselves where they will spend their lives after death. She just converted to darkness like Michael Jackson and am not surprised at all because it runs in the family.

    Islam, the religion that fight for their god because he is powerless. Christians do not fight for God because God is God and all power belongs to Him. He threw satan (allah) out of heaven and satan formed Islam by deceiving others to join.

    Who is Janet Jackson? Is she important? Rubbish!!! She has identify with what suits her – the way to hell. Bye Bye.

    • kelvin, the trinity was accepted year342 A.C, by the way is jesus a GOD, son of GOD, or a holy spirit. u know he can’t be three rather is one, as a christian, the first of ur all commandment is GOD IS ONE, ur lord my lord, ur GOD my GOD,said by jesus him self. and also said a servant is not better than his master, neither i better than HE that send me. and ur still talking about trinity,may GOD forgive u and guide u to the right path.

      • My Bible tells me God is three in One. Jesus made those point when He came to the world as a man. At least He died and resurrected and went back to Glory sitting on the right side of God the Father. The Holy Spirit is the One with us today because Jesus said when l go l will send the Comforter to you (the Holy Spirit). You dont know anything about what u are arguing. Where is Mohammed? Do u know where he was buried? Nobody knows as well. This same Mohammed will be judged by Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

        So go and read your Bible very well before you pray that God should forgive me. Pls pray for yourself cos u are blinded in that religion.

        Prayer Point to help you: Say, Father of creation and God of all flesh, please reveal yourself to me if you truly exist.

        And l believe God will answer u.

  109. Be it islam or christainity or even pegans we all serve dsame God,d only difference is d way we bliv serve and call His name.alredy it is a sin 2 spik blasphemy of a religion and obviously a bigger sin wen u fight 4 d Almighty. Janet is now a muslimyeah no matter what d condition may be it none of our business.dats between janet and God.yes pple talk abt muslim contries 2 all be terrorist breeders.aw abt a country were mariage between same gender is legalized.dis is a bigger sin.for the fact dat dis pple say dey do it 4 religion is nat rily dere 4lts.d leader are rily 2 be blame 4 d sake of curuption.du u pple knw what dis leaders gain wen d country is in choas.was chales taylor or adolf hitler christian.or even idiamin.so ma pple watch ur talks.pls I beg u guys 2 stop religion war.wat I fink we shud do is work hand in hand.we all 4rm d same parents Adam and Eve.someone said e blivs in Christ even tho he is a muslim.dis is d first time I am hearid dis.am api 4 u.bt no religion is beta tha the oda

  110. what i like about this life is……no matter what they said/saying yet islam is still growing more that they hate it, by the way who started first world war?. who started second world war?. who tills 100million southern indian?. who kills 50million northern indian. who enslaved 180million african? where 88% dies and thrown in the sea. today if a christian commit something, its a crime, but if a muslim commit some offense is a terrorist, their using the media to destroy islam, yet is still growing faster than before. janet ur welcome to islam.

  111. I don’t y my fellow Christian r so ignorant of dere bible cos dey don ready dere bible vry wel,u r found of calling Islam a terrorist religion 4goting christianity doesn’t preach peace,wat was ur bible said in 1samuel 15vs2~3? Is dat wat a tru religion should preach 2 mankind? & wat was prophet Isa {jesus} told u christian n ur bible abt him slf? Luke 4vs41,luke3vs3~4,john5vs37,if christian r calling isa AS{jesus}son of GOD den satan according 2 ur bible is also a son of GOD read job 1vs6,luke 3vs38,al prophet of ALLAH r sons of ALLAH according 2 ur bible genesis 6vs2,job 38vs7.pls ready ur bible vry well john 10vs32 say, I hv shown u many gud work frm d father.so christian r anti~christ according 2 bible mathew6vs1~8. janet u r highly welcom 2 d religion of peace may ALLAH grant u d wisdom of Islam so dat u can bring more anti~christ n 2 Islam ameen.

  112. alhamdullilah robilalami, Allah is great and he also said in the qur’an that ‘we should not die except we r muslims, so i really thank ALLAH 4 ur life janet jackson May Allah never leave u, accept dis from u as an act of ibadah and also grant u AL-JANNAH FIRDAWS IN SHA ALLAH BI QUDRATILLAH.

  113. Y d critice, if Janet declare 2day dt shes now a born again xtian, no body among d xtians wl crucifix her, bt al bcos she accepted Islam very soon they wl tag her as TERRORIST, wel no matter hw Islam wil rule d world,
    pls dear Muslim Brothers do nt abuse d xtians bcos who ever Allah has guided no one can misguide, and who ever Allah has Misguided no one can guide d person to d right path, Janet Allah has guided u 2 d right path may u nt b misguided.
    Welcom 2 d religion of peace dt has been tagged by d xtians as a Terror

  114. This is TRUE, from fry pan to fire, from famous open blue film actress to secrete bedroom slave of the devil, it is because Christianity cannot accommodate people like you.

  115. I wander how can Islam be considered as religion of peace,where sworth is used as a symbol to propagate religion,remember a sworth is not a symbol of peace and it will never be,cos sworth symbolises war.

  116. Kudos 2 U 4 joining the right path. As majority of Senior Pastors know the truth that Islam is the Way and they always ordered their church congregation to fast on lailatul-l-kadiri (night of majesty) and arafat day (a day before eid-l-kabir) like today

  117. I am a fan of Janet Jacksons and will always be, She has obviously made a mark in the music industry. In religion however we will all agree that she is just another ordinary human being out of the 6 billion people on earth. I therefore don’t understand all the fuss about her conversion to Islam, when people convert to Islam daily and people convert to Christianity daily and people convert to other religions daily as well. Unlike us, I don’t think God is one who values a music star more than a beggar on the street. Secondly, if we are thinking of the credibility of religion based on numbers then we will again agree that statistically Christianity is the greatest religion and has been from time immemorial. 2.1billion followers as of the current time.. again, I dont get the fuss about one conversion, is that validates a religion then how about the the conversation of Mosab Hassan Yousef.??

  118. The Bible says the message of the Cross is meaningless to those that are perishing. My muslim brothers and sister accept Jesus as ur Lord and Saviour today and be safe and free. That deity in the Kaaba dat u hit ur head on the ground to worship will not safe u. Jesus loves u and has paid for ur sins.

    • can u quote a verse of the bible where Jesus said i have paid 4 ur sin and d amount, have ever been 2 Jarusalem 2 see what christain do and how many comes back as christain. Pls do read ur bible well and understand what d meaning of christainity is and tell me where d word christainity is in d bible!

  119. Religion of pieces! That’s why salman rushdie wrote satanic verses{koran} well,pple who hv no religious affiliation but not necessarily atheist in d world according to a recent statistic are 1.1 billion. Islam are 1.6 billion .christians are 2.2 billion.hindus are 1 billion. So u see we are still on top. Islam means terrorism!

  120. Sister dis is welcome 2 development b/cos jesus and mohammad are all brothers in faith, d fact is dat mohammad gave his people a law and order they never had b 4.as regard jesus ,when jews felt suspicious of him dat he might be an imposter with designs 2 pervert their teachings,jesus took pains 2 assure them dat he had not come with new religion-no new laws and no new regulations.his own words:think not dat i come 2 destroy,but 2 fulfil 4 verily i say unto you,till heaven and earth pass ,one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass 4rom d law,till all be fulfilled.go and check d old testment bible(matthew5:17-18).no be dis new new bible wai dey use 2 change things 2 confus people 2 collect money 4rom them ooo.

  121. Only Jesus can save. Janet!!!!!!!! the salvation of your soul is more important than anything you get with his money. Think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sister

  122. Theres freedom of religion, why are pple quarrelling janet on her choice of religion. If only christians and muslims will get to understand that ur religion is never a criteria for going to heaven, but ur personal relationship wit the supreme being God. Lets all make this world a better place for all of us. Am a christian but i have very good muslim friends too. One love!!!

  123. Asalamualaykum yah Janet. Indeed if only you knew what Allah holds for you.I want you to know that your being a muslim is the best thing that has ever happened to you and know that when a persin enters into islam, all her passed sins will be forgiven.May all the critics only make u to be stronger bc those are trials that mankind was to go thru.may Allah elevate you. We muslim are so happy for you.


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