Jonathan: Most Nigerian Roads’ll Be Motorable By 2015

jonathan_goodluck3-300x225Most Nigerian roads will be in good conditions by 2015, according to President Goodluck Jonathan.

Speaking during the inauguration of the WEMPCO cold steel plant in Magboro, Ogun State on Thursday, the President acknowledged that most Nigerian roads had been abandoned for a long time but gave an assurance that most of them would be in good shape in the next two years.

He said, “We assure Nigerians that we are intervening in our road reconstruction. It is not easy because this country is very big and the road networks appear to have collapsed due to long time neglect.

“There is no magic wand that the government will use to repair all the roads at the same time, but we are intervening massively, and if we progress at the rate we are progressing, God willing, most of Nigerian roads will be motorable in the next two years.”


  1. Sir,it will be something of great joy if the road networks become better.however,the road systems have improved compared to before.But Sir,the vision 2010 which was to acheaive light in Nigeria have not taken adequate effect as over 60percent of Nigerians still wallow in the dark,feeling insecured mostly at nite because they still dont have light.I still belive you can acheive that sir..thank you…


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