Jonathan Not Afraid Of APC Planned Probe – Presidency

JonaSpecial Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Political Matters, Dr. Ahmed Gulak, has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) manifesto as ‘bereft of ideas’

Gulak, who was reacting to the APC’s Manifesto which includes a probe of the PDP-led administrations since 1999, said leaders of the party should first register the group as a political party, present themselves for elections and win the elections before talking of probe.

He said, “This has shown clearly that leaders of opposition parties are bereft of ideas. It is clear that when one is desperate, one does not see clearly.

“What they should concern themselves with first is to get the party registered. How can somebody who is single be saying that after marrying, he will give birth to a child and the child will become a doctor or a lawyer? The right thing is to marry first and then plan your life with your wife.

He added that the FG was not afraid of probes.

“By the way, this administration is not afraid of probes. In fact, probes are ongoing. The National Assembly is probing all the sectors, including the oil sector. This administration is constantly under probe. It opens its book for scrutiny.

“(Muhammadu) Buhari still believes that we are in the military era. He is not aware that there are relevant arms of government that perform such task. He does not know that even in the event that he becomes a President, he cannot be a dictator. A military leader is different from a democratic leader. The National Assembly performs oversight functions.

“We are ready for them. Let them win the election first before talking of probe. They should jettison sentiments and try to be mature politicians,” he said.


  1. APC lack political idology,u dnt fight to become a leader,APC talk too much we no dem,they hav notin to offer,they re selfservice coup ploters,a pot calling a cettle black.if ur manifesto to fight PDP dat make ur party a failur.buhari n tunubu shld b prob 1st.