Jonathan Putting Nigerians At Risk By Considering Amnesty For Boko Haram – Oritsejafor

Ayo-OritsejaforThe President, Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has described the purported plan by President Goodluck Jonathan to grant amnesty to members Boko Haram as sheer act of wickedness.

Oritsejafor, who said the pardon could be granted when members of the sect admit their wrongdoings, queried what would be the fate of the victims of the sect’s insurgencies, should its members be allowed to escape prosecution.

Oritsejafor made his stance known while addressing journalists at the 80th birthday ceremony of the President, Apostolic Church of Nigeria, Pastor Gabriel Oladele Olutola, in Lagos.

He said, “I don’t know his ambition for second term because I am not a politician; I am a pastor. But that (amnesty) would be wicked. I don’t see why he would have to do that and I don’t see why he would have to consider that because we are facing a very serious situation in Nigeria.

“Let us not turn this situation into politics. Let’s face it for what it is. The security of the people is the number one responsibility of the President. And I think at this point, Jonathan must wake up and just face it and do what he has to do. But these people who are putting pressure on him left and right, may God help them and deliver Nigeria from their hands. Nigeria I believe would be safe.”

Dismissing the claim that poverty was the cause of the insurgency, Oritsejafor queried where the sect got funds to acquire weapons and why it attacked churches and schools. He added that those who made the claim might have connections with the sect.

In the same vein, he argued that there was a difference between the Boko Haram sect and Niger Delta militants arguing that the latter fought for their neglect and survival.

“The reality is that you cannot equate those two instances. How many mosques were burnt in Warri or Port Harcourt? Can you tell me one? Young boys didn’t come on the streets to start shooting and killing people in the market. I’m from Warri, the Central Mosque is in the centre of our town. It has been there all these years. Nobody touched it.”

He said northern leaders should have emulated South-South leaders by identifying leaders of the sect and leading them to Jonathan to seek amnesty. He said the amnesty, if declared, would be like putting the cart before the horse.



  1. Pastor Oritsejafor, you are such a controversial man always fond of crying wolf. You made noise that the Govt has done nothing to solve the insecurity in the North without proffering any solution. You are insisting BH is religious because churches were majorly affected. Were Mosques/Muslims not also affected? Did BH separate Muslims from Xtians when Kano garage was bombed?
    Your prejudice has really blurred you that you failed to see that this is more political. Think about these: President GEJ had said time without number that BH was in his Govt; Has none of the BH members arrested not made any confessional statements that could assist our security men to nab BH sponsors and Kingpins? Has any of them ever been taken to court for prosecution? Etc
    All your inciting statements are never objective but always marred with religious sentiments..
    Please Think beyond and above sentiments….

  2. You’re too old to understand pls. Both BOKO HARAM & N|DELTA MILITANTS KILLED innocent pple, then what difference is there?

  3. Why is this oristejafor a complete confusionist? Some times back he required the president to solve the problem of insecurity in Nigeria, we all saw the steps taken by GEJ in order to restore peace and security in the northern states but all his efforts prove abbortive because the military mens tried all their possible best to nab the sect (BH) but it was all in vain and innocent citizens are dieing every blessed day, what else did oritsejafor wants the president to do rather than amnesty? Or does it mean oritsejafor is happy seeing innocent dead bodies every now and then? Am using this opportunity to tell oritsejafor to do away with sentiments and face reality, because this country is in a big disarray or is it because non of the CAN president’s family has fall a victim of this sect’s (BH)? We need urgent attention which the president is giving rigth now and not some religionist causing confusion in NIGERIA, GOD bless christians and Muslims in the country… One love…

  4. But is BH ready for any peace talk,talkless of embrasing amnesty.I think the BH will see the move as ‘bait’,to capture them.

  5. See how many fool and uselesss people with there comment who is BH and there harms Nigeria need to put yoruba amnest in one place from now.

  6. u housas willnot understand what the man of GOD i s saying now but with time .and that is when other ethnic groups who are lazy like u start form their own militants to seek for amnesty , and then u will knowthat nigeria will be on fire

  7. Oritsafejor what effort have put in place to solve this untimely death of innocent people whose children are now beggar, wives are now widows,have you ever donated a dine for their welfarism which was contrary to what jesus did, i think ur are so selfish and bias to be a religious leader because non of your children, wife and siblings are not affected, it will have been wise to keep your mouth shut rather than incuring the wrath of God because of curse comming out of the mouth of the bereaved and the people at risk of the next attack, to my own opinion islam means peace, since our security service has failed to restore peace, if granting boko haram amnesty will bring peace to nigeria my fatherland, please hasten up and grant them.

    • @ Allah is great and whatever u are called. The pastor is not ruling out the possibility of negotiating with the Boko Haram, but that everything should be done transparently. Let’s be candid- whom are u giving amnesty to? Has any body or group of persons surfaced for identification after the clarion calls for amnesty. If they need amnesty, let’s see them as we saw the Niger Delta people. Instead of the North to unanimously take the bull by the horn and fish these criminals and challenge them, they treat the Boko Harams with kid gloves. Shame on the Arewa leaders.

  8. I think during the time of OBJ,He tried and used force to tackle Niger delta militants,but all the effort then proof abortive,but when musa yaradua assumed power, he realise dat using force can not curb this problem,then he had to give them amnesty in other to let the Region and Nigeria have rest of mind,so if anything would have happened there again, they know those who they would have hold responsible and since then there is not unrest over there again. I don’t see any problem in giving amnesty to these people BH also for the sake of innocent Nigerians that are dying everyday,because if we continue to listen to All these selfish advise from the CAN or those that they do not want progress for our dearest Country Nigeria. God save Nigeria .

  9. U muslims talk out of stupidity, sentiments & frustration,by God grace am a medical
    doctor who use to work in kano hospital bt i left with my other collegues,bcos we can,t imagin bin killed by a beggar,a pauper & a group of pple that constitute the bulk of illitracy in Nigeria,pple who fight for there god instead of him to fightin for them,as far as am concerned we xristians value lifes thats y one xristian is equal to twenty alimargiris


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