Jonathan/Amaechi Rift Gets Messier As NSA Summons Rivers Commissioner To Abuja Over Helicopter Purchase

The Rivers State Commissioner for Information, Mrs Ibim Semenitari has been summoned by the National Security Adviser, Col. Sabo Dasuki (retd) over a press release she issued last Friday.

The press release was issued to clear the air on the new helicopters which were recently acquired for security purposes in Rivers State but which had become a subject of controversy between the Presidency and the Rivers State Government.

The press release, which debunked the allegation that the state governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi acquired the helicopters towards his 2015 presidential ambition, stated that in fact, “The Rivers State government had announced its intention to purchase two security helicopters at different fora.

“The Rivers State Government has always owned a private jet and has NOT purchased any new airplanes nor does it intend to purchase one. As is typical of Governor Amaechi, such purchases would be openly and transparently done and so would not need to be a matter of conjecturing.”

Apart from this, she also explained how the state acquired two helicopters at the cost of S29m dollars.

Semenitari, showing purchase documents, said that the Federal Government paid S15m dollars out of the amount.

Semenitari was scheduled to meet the NSA at noon today.


  • As arrising under federalist praxis, in a federal state, as adverted of Nigeria, on what “independent and adequate” or compelling state or federal ground does a federal officer, acting in his official capacity, ‘summon’ a state officer, in her official capacity, to ‘appear’ in the office or other of the federal officer, for the state officer to explain to the federal officer, on behalf of the federal administration, a state action! But it is settled that under federal structure, neither the government of the federation nor its officials, acting in their official capacity, can direct or compel a state or its officials to require enforcement of or enforce federal advice or even law, or be compelled to do this or that. Laws of the federation, as made by the national legislature, regulate conduct of persons and property, and not the several states. A state is equal in the community of sovereinties. Primtz v United States, __ US __ (1997); New York v United States, 505 US 144, 182 (1992); Lane County v Oregon, 7 Wall 71, 76 (1869).

  • The presidency is now looking for fault from these embattled Governors-AMAECHI,ROCHAS,ALIYU ETC. Just because they have beef with him.Assuming no beef would he be faulting them in anything they do,rather he would be giving them accolades.The presidency should go and seat down and focus on how he can solve the insecurity in this country.
    Opportuned politician,no wonder he doesn’t know his priorities and so confused like the country he governs.Is it a crime for someone to speak the truth in this country?

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