Lagos: Curbing The High Crime Rate in the Metropolis

Wonders shall never cease in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. From shocking stories of ritual killings, rape and mutilations, to tragic cases of violence, theft and murder; numerous suburbs in the large city of Lagos have been the location of many a hideous crime.
Out of every ten babies born in Lagos, five turn out to be notorious touts, three poor victims, one, an eye witness and the last an associate to crime. If only walls could speak, there would be more gruesome tales to hear than have been exposed already.
Cases of child abuse, child theft, husband snatching, illegal marriages frauds, abductions, to mention a few, have become common pieces of discussions amongst Lagosians. Most crimes are even tolerated and hardly reported with victims shrugging it off as “ That’s Lagos for you!”.
My question is this: “That’s Lagos for who?” For the young graduate who came to Lagos from Enugu to find better prospects, only to be killed few months later by reckless Lagos touts? Or for the young secondary school leaver who came to stay with a relative in Lagos, in the hope of building a future, only to be raped mercilessly by irresponsible street thugs? Or the foreign student who decided to give Nigeria a try with the intention of experiencing new cultures, only to be duped heartlessly by relentless fraudsters?
Indeed Lagos for whom?
Don’t be surprised, once I stop writing, another scandalous story would become a headline here in Lagos….. That’s Lagos for you!

posted by Susan


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