Love And Social Media; Is Social Media Hurting Your Relationship?

Social media has become a favourite past time for people all over the world. With the launch of facebook, twitter and numerous other sites, the world has truly become a global village with information being spread across continents in seconds.
Social networking has fostered many new relationships and has enabled the reunion of long lost friends, lovers and even family. Social networking also guarantees ease of communication for lovers whether near or far.
However, just like everything else in life, social media has its disadvantages. In 2011, one third of the divorces in the United States were linked to Facebook. The ease of information means that somebody can relate your indiscretions to your partner just at the touch of a button.
Social networking has made it easy to meet new people and this increases the temptation to cheat and gives a wider range of options to those who choose to. The relative anonymity also helps people do as they please and, most of the time,get away with it.
Social media, which was created as a tool for fostering communication, has also ironically reduced effective communication among couples. It is common to see lovers fiddling with their phones when in the company of each other rather than talking to each other.
The advantages of social media notwithstanding, care needs to be taken as the dangers the openness of social media pose to relationships are all too real.



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