Man Kills Friend Over Lover In Calabar

Police had arrested Abraham Bepeh for allegedly killing his friend with whom he had been having a running battle over a lover, Anna Ushie. The Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River police made that arrest following the murder of Richard Beshel Mashok by Abraham.

Mr. Joseph Inuyashe, Officer-in-charge of homicide, confirmed that Abraham is now in custody of the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, at the Police Headquarters, Diamond Hill in Calabar.

Abraham, who displayed scars, alleged that Richard, whom he described as ‘my close friend’ was the one who first made the attempt of killing him over Anna, a student of Immaculate (Anunciation) Secondary School, that the two of them were in love with. He also added that Richard had regularly inflicted him with machete cuts which he displayed on his neck, legs hand and chest.

Richard was said to have ran into Abraham after leaving the barbing salon and was going to take some of his clothes to dry-cleaner. Abraham took out a dagger as the fight between them ensued and stabbed him on the neck. He made to run away but was caught by some boys who ran after him.

Richard was rushed to Obudu General Hospital for medical assistance but died after several efforts to save him.

Abraham, son of a clergy man, further confessed that he was in the same secret cult with Richard and that they constantly assault each other for sharing the same girl. DSP John Imoh of River State Police Command spokesman said that police was going to carry out detailed investigation into the matter.


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