Man Wants Justice After Wife Loses Pregnancy In Attack

The husband of Bukola Fagun wants justice after his wife was allegedly attacked by Alaba Eniola, leading to the loss of her two-month-old pregnancy.


The joy of a couple who only tied the knot two months ago was shattered recently after Mrs. Bukola Fagun allegedly lost a two-month-old pregnancy and a tooth during a violent attack at Oworonsoki area of Lagos State.

Alaba Eniola was alleged to have used a huge plank from a nearby carpenter’s shop to hit Fagun, during the attack. The development, according to the victim’s husband, Femi Fagun, led to the loss of her pregnancy after which she was admitted at a private hospital in the state.

Mr. Fagun told SUNDAY PUNCH that his wife had already spent two weeks in the hospital as a result of the assault. He added that apart from losing a tooth, she also sustained various injuries.

He said, “We live in Ikorodu area of Lagos State, but on the day she was attacked, she had left home for ante-natal clinic at a maternity hospital in Oworonsoki, where her elder sister lives.

“I drove her to the hospital and left but she called me later to say the doctor was not around and that she would want me to come and pick her. I told her to go to her sister’s home and wait until the doctor arrived.”

Fagun said he received another call around 6pm on the same day, alerting him of an unpleasant development concerning his wife.

“I was told on the telephone that my wife had collapsed, so I hurriedly left my office and drove to Oworonsoki. I met her in a coma and I quickly took her to the hospital.”

Fagun said the doctor told him that his wife had lost their two-month-old pregnancy in the attack and that apart from the tooth she lost, another one would have to be removed at the state’s General Hospital. He also said he had already paid N75,000 out of the hospital bill of N120,000.

At the Omowunmi Care Centre, Oworonsoki, where Mrs. Fagun is receiving treatment, one of the nurses, who craved anonymity, said the doctor asked her to run a scan test to ascertain the state of the baby when Bukola was brought to the hospital. According to the nurse, the result confirmed loss of the pregnancy.

Asked why she was attacked and her relationship with the attacker, Mrs. Fagun, who writhed in pain told SUNDAY PUNCH that her sister, Yinka, was involved in an argument with her ex-husband while she tried to calm both parties.

She explained that her sister divorced Alaba Eniola, two years ago due to domestic abuse but an argument ensued when Eniola showed up at the house with a policeman, accusing Yinka of stealing a land document and his Automated Teller Machine card.

She said, “When he came up with this allegation, I called Yinka to let her know that her former husband was around. I was afraid because he was wielding a cutlass and threatening to kill my sister. She was taken to the police station but the case was dismissed, so we all returned home.”

Not satisfied with the verdict, Eniola was alleged to have attacked the sisters on the street and seized a child from Yinka.

Fagun added, “I took the second baby immediately from my sister but as I tried to leave the scene, he came with a plank and hit me several times. He also kicked me in the stomach as I fell. It was in the process that I lost a tooth. All these happened outside the police station. I was later told at the hospital that I had lost my pregnancy.”

When SUNDAY PUNCH contacted Eniola, he dismissed the allegation, saying that he knew nothing about the attack. He explained that the child he took from his ex-wife was his and that he took the action because the child was not well taken care of by his entrangled wife.

He said, “I did not do anything to her. As I was leaving the station, Yinka told her sister to hold my shirt and as I was about to leave the child, one of them hit me with an iron. The woman who was said to have lost her pregnancy was involved in a brawl with me. She ran away soon after we left the police station. How could I have caused her pregnancy loss?”

Fagun’s husband, however, alleged that after reporting the matter at the Oworonsoki Police Station, the Investigating Police Officer, Ajibade Ajisafe, promised to invite Eniola but an hour after, the accused was released without charges.

He said, “I insisted that I wanted the matter in court and that was why the case came up in court last week Monday. But Ajisafe deceived me by sending me out of the court premises. He told me to look for N5,000 if I wanted Eniola to be punished but before I returned, the case had been dismissed and Ajisafe still collected the money from me. I was shocked and could not believe the turn of events despite being hurt by Eniola’s aggression.”

The IPO confirmed the incident but said he had no influence over the court decision. He denied Fagun’s allegation that he demanded money from him to ensure that Eniola was punished.

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