• so what do u believe? d status quo? our pple say if u dont buy falsehood u wont buy d truth. so u gat to believe somefin.

  1. I 100% agree wit diz APC promises.let us try dem 4 once.Nigerians need change n gud leadership.if u dnt want change then u will continue 2 mek noise @ d background n dnt blame anybody as wat we are witnessing 2day n years back

    • so who is going to try all the former abokis that looted all the oil funds,took our wealth to build their estates,became billionaires over night.What about all the monies stolen by bola tinubu from lagos state,the truth is, i dont support corruption in any way but these thieves in APC are not better than the thieves in PDP.

  2. A trial will do. I actually need a change, trying APC is not a bad idea. I am tired of PDP approach to governance. A trial will do.

  3. If we have had it this bad with pdp it is not out of place to give APC a chance. Now that dey av come out with a manifesto we av sometin 2 take dem on. who knows this may be d change we ve bn waitin for. we will neva know if we dont give dem d chance. At least democracy thrives on change with pple havin d power to hire n fire. Only fools do d same thing over n over expectin different results.

  4. PDP gave us a manifesto before being elected into government,what did we get?enough of manifesto what have you done with what was given to you before,those of you that were governors before what was record?young people be wise don’t be deceived


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