Men Pull gun On Chicken Joint Employee Over Order



When Antonius Hart, Sr. and his son, Antonius Hart Jr., didn’t get the chicken wings they ordered at a Memphis fast food chain, they weren’t chicken about expressing their displeasure — or about brandishing an AK-47 rifle at the employees who forgot the order, cops said.

Last Thursday, the Harts placed an order at Pirtle’s Chicken in Memphis but  drove off before realizing they didn’t get all the chicken they ordered, the Associated Press reported.

When they returned, the cashier offered to replace the missing pieces, but investigators said the men demanded more chicken because they had to drive back to the restaurant. At that point, Hart Sr., 45, allegedly showed the cashier an AK-47 he brought for the occasion, the Commercial Appeal reported.

When the co-worker saw the gun, she called the police who arrested both men,charging the elder Hart with aggravated assault while his 19-year-old son was charged with facilitation of a felony, WMC-TV reported.

The police recovered the weapon and 24 live rounds of ammo, the Commercial Appeal reported.

The restaurant isn’t talking about the incident, but customers had some opinions about the incident according to WREG-TV.

“I guess in this area, people don`t play about their food,” Courtney Marable told the station, while Tonya McGraw admitted the alleged incident was “crazy,” but suggested the event might improve customer service.

“Next time they better get them wings right!” she said.

Not all chicken restaurants are skittish about guns.

On Saturday, Chicken Express, a restaurant in Bossier City, La., actually gave away combo meals to all concealed handgun permit holders.

Owner Randal Neel said it was probably the busiest Saturday they’ve ever had, KLTV-TV reported.