Moji Olaiya Confesses: Nollywood Actors & Actresses Sleep With Each Other On Movie Sites

Nollywood movie stars engage in sex game on movie location.


Nollywood entertainers’ engagement in adult game on movie set is not a new thing and to further verify the story, Nigerian Yoruba actress Mojisola Olaiya popularly called Moji Olaiya has come open.

In a recent interview with Kayode Aponmade, see Moji Olaiya’s response below;

Kayode Aponmade asked: But do you agree that actors and actresses sleep with each other on location?

Moji Olaiya said: It is possible. Sex is an adult game that requires both parties to agree. Since no one has ever complained of being raped, there should be no complaint about that. Other people in other professions also sleep with each other.

Source: Naija Gists


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  3. Hmmmm…
    These are men with wifes at home and women with husbands at home.
    What is this world turning to?
    God have mercy.

  4. That is why some of them are jumping 4rm one man/woman to another, while few decided nt to marry and remaining have no suitor to marry them ‘cos their lifestyle. Too bad! By Casmir

  5. civilisation, civilisatiin the world is getting to an end. Sex is now nothing on this earth. People dont even see it as a sin, just take it as entertenment. When will women become valueable if they are not respected.

  6. naija gists! Na wa o! olofofo pple! Did she say dey sleep wt each oda “on set”…dts ow u pple wil b spoilin pples rep. Mtchewwwww

  7. The world hav reachd it darkest climax dat doz who do d ryt tin ar ashamd bt doz who do d wrng ar proud of it.wooo! 2u childrn of babilon.

  8. Hw muCh of a VIRGIN are you.. I mean all ye who re crucify’n hollywood actors nd actresses 4 de truth told of dem have’n SEX on movie locations…
    Only VIRGINS hv de rite 2 do soooo….
    Soo place urself!

  9. indeed,sleeping wt each other either @location or off location is nt news again,it happens every where,even in offices,lecture halls,motor pak so wat makes d dfrenc. D end has come.

  10. Bible say since they would not retain the knowledge of God in their heart, God give them to a reprobate mind to do those things that are not convienience for them. They should repent for the end of all things has come.

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