MUST READ: 10 Things That Should Never Happen In The Bedroom

Making love should be a great time for you and your lover. However, the excitement can quickly disappear if things are done wrong. Here’s a list of things never to do when you and your partner are doing the dance:

1. NEVER answer your phone: Whoever is calling you during bedroom time can wait.

2. NEVER call another person’s name: Calling an ex’s name in a moment of passion while doing the deed with someone else is a definite no no.

3. NO acrobatics: Changing positions every 5 seconds, is just wrong.

4.NEVER shy away from kissing: No kissing makes your partner feel like you don’t really care about them and you’re only interested in the do.

5.NO Blood: There should be no bleeding, of any kind. This is a guaranteed mood killer.

6.DON’T fake it: Don’t pretend to have an orgasm. Your act might not be as convincing as you think.

7.DON’T lie: If you pretend to love missionary because you know your lady loves missionary, it won’t work out well. Find positions you both like, and work with that.

8.DON’T be silent: Let it show that you like what’s happening. Don’t be a chatterbox but don’t lie there like a block of wood either

9.NO comparing: Don’t force your partner to do certain things because your ex always did them and you liked it.
10.NO farting!!!: For God’s sake, no farting! It’s just disgusting!

Avoid these things for a great time in bed for you and your partner. Please share your suggestions in the comment box.


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