Must Read: 6 Keys To Healthier Living

“Healthy living” is a term that intimidates most people. The assumption is that healthy living means giving up all the things you like and being a fitness freak. Healthy living is a goal, and so maybe the better term would be “healthier living”.What is healthier living? It is taking whatever you are doing a step in the right direction.” This means eating an apple sometimes instead of a doughnut.  It doesn’t mean you will stop eating doughnuts, it just means you will make better choices sometimes.

Here are six keys to healthier living:

1. It means eating better by eating more whole and natural foods and fewer processed ones. For example, eat less refined tomato paste and more fresh tomatoes, among other things.

2. Healthier living means choosing water over sugar laden carbonated drinks.

3. It means exercising regularly, which for most people means forcing themselves to get out of the chair and start moving.

4. Healthier living means going to bed earlier and aiming for 8 hours of solid sleep. Like I said, it’s a goal. But it is a goal that is far easier to reach when you turn off the TV.

5. Healthier living means reducing chemical exposure. Be careful of the kinds of body lotions you use and of foods with a lot of extra preservatives and chemicals.

6. It means finding ways to reduce stress, which for one person might be taking time off work for a vacation and for another might be starting a new hobby. Find what works for you.

Perhaps most importantly, healthier living means that you are doing better today than you did yesterday. And so that means it is never too late to start. It might seem like an intimidating task but if you take little tiny steps and make small changes day-by-day and week-by-week, it really is doable. And you’ll feel better. And one day, you’ll go from aiming to be healthier to just being healthy.”

Culled from “Healthier Living ”  by  Dr. Cara Natterson



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