Must Read For Men!!! 5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Girl


1)      You’re Ugly:

This is one of the worst things you can say to any girl. Even when you say things like, “why don’t you try to look more like your friend” or “my cousin is fair, can’t you look like that”, all a girl hears is “you’re ugly” so be careful guys.

2)      You’re Fat:

You definitely saw her before you decided to be with her. If you suddenly believe she’s fat, you either find a better way to encourage her to lose weight or you keep it to yourself.

3)      You’re Stupid:

Never ever tell a girl she’s stupid. She will definitely break up with you if you do and if she doesn’t, then maybe she is.

4)      Can Your Father Afford It?

Maybe her father can’t afford it, but that’s why she decided to date you and not her father. If you can’t afford to have a girlfriend, then stay on your own or find a cheap one. Women have needs and a man should be able to meet the reasonable ones.

5)      I forgot Your Birthday

Do whatever you can to never forget your girl’s birthday. Set reminders and alarms if you must. Forgetting a girl’s birthday just sends a message that you don’t care and may make her begin to work on your replacement.

So what do you think ladies? Is there anything that you absolutely can’t tolerate hearing from your man? Let us know in the comments box.


  1. Thank u o, this na good awareness, but men also detest somethings like why are u fat like this, why do u have tribal marks on your cheek.why dont u b like lagbaja(comparison) and girls that cannot perform drama on bed. So girls should also aware of these.

  2. No matter what u does to a girl, if she want ur replacement she ll surely does it. In this state girls & boys should critically sit up reasons & think of being one till marital stage. Most at times girls replace their bf because of in ability of the boy to satisfy her sexually. & even some girls can have sex with their bf even for at list 2 hours so in this stage conflict, hatredness & misunderstand comes in. So boys & girls should stop being exasperate to each other lets you are my one & only love reigns thanks & remain bless by joshua toochukwu ukwueze.

  3. OMG! I wonder which secondary school or tertiary institution you graduated from Ukwueze?. Your use of english is as rotten as you! I wonder how you managed to type to make these comments. Pls don’t post any comment(s) if you know you cann’t write one simple good english,or better still, write in your dialect!!

  4. @Joejo, haba! Its not every1 that went to Cambridge like u did na.. Show some little tolerance and if u must correct him, be nice and civil about it. U don’t have to mock…


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