NANS Condemns Scrap Of UTME, NECO


National Association of Nigerian Students has condemned the planned scrapping of the National Examination Council and the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination by the Federal Government.

In a statement signed by its President, Prince Miaphen, NANS said such actions were antagonistic to the development of education in the country.

“The attention of the national leadership of NANS has been drawn to a recent pronouncement by the government to cancel JAMB and NECO.

“We condemn in totality any attempt to scrap NECO, as it is the only indigenous examination body for ordinary level pupils in the country.

“NECO should rather be reformed and empowered to carry out its obligation as the only indigenous examination body in the country rather than being scrapped.

“It should be noted that other countries have up to five different examination bodies; it is not too much for Nigeria to have at least two of such bodies for O’ level.”

NANS accused the West African Examination Council of not representing the interest of Nigerian students enough at that level as its curriculum is seen as not reflecting the Nigerian system, which they say usually leads to mass failure of Nigerian students in WAEC-conducted examinations.

The students also want to know what the Federal Government plans to do with the staff of both organisations.

NANS maintains UTME should remain, but restructured and strengthened to be the sole regulatory body for entrance examinations into higher institutions in the country.

“The post-UME examination should be scrapped because it is more or less a duplication of responsibility.

“Many Nigerian youths have been facing a lot of setbacks because after passing UTME, they fail post-UME after spending so much money,” the students said.


  1. I want to Say a very big thank you to nans , what u said abt d pos-Ume , it has really been a set back to us, students . Thanks

  2. JAMB still remains the only hope of ordinary Nigerian students from poor background to gain admission into tertiary institutions.Therefore scrapping it will only make university admission accessible 2 d highest bidders as being witnessed 2day in some university programs like medicine,law etc which are considered lucrative,thnks to d introduction of post UTME.Our universities are corrupt and offer admissn to those that can afford 2 pay.JAMB should not be scrapped but strenghtened to do it’s job,instead post UTME should be scrapped.

  3. NANS is as stupid nd dull as d name. D UK we’re all running to for admission nd come out great do they write UTME. Cancel dis bodies of wastin money universities should set their standard of admitting student even NYSC Should go. d purpose of creating it has been defeated instead pple are using it to embezzle money they should all go

  4. The federal govt. are not doing well by trying to scrap the only indiginous exam so far and the only hope of poor men(ordinary people) to tertiary institution. If the step is not withdraw, many Nigeria will be left out of school which will bring more cases of ilitracy to country. The admission given to people by JAMB has been a great help to people like us that have nobody to fight for us and many of our type are still outside looking for admission. If the federal govt. does that, she want to make us to understand that education is for the rich and not for every body again. Even see what is happening with the current educational status, the poor are been deny of their right in the education sector not to talk of when their hope will be scrap. Think about it and reverse your steps about this issue. Thank you

  5. I love this cancel the post UME . Its really pulling us back,since dey set Their cutoff mark nd we pass it what’s the need for UME. Infact you people should delete post UME. Jamb is enough for us. We won’t kill our do they expect us To know evryfin, all the topic in maths text book is not written by one man.

  6. Let say the reality, the less privilegde in the country have been deny in getting admission into higher institution due to this useless postutme, it has happen to me in several place so govt should abolished postutme rather NECO. GREAT NANS FOREVER


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