Nigeria On The Brink Of Collapse – Aregbesola

rauf aregbesolaGovernor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has expressed fear over the state of the nation which he said is ‘close to being a failed state.’

Aregbesola said this on Friday in Osogbo at a dinner the government organised in honour of the recently elected President of the Nigerian Guild of Editors, Mr. Femi Adesina, and other executive members of the association.

The governor stated that unless urgent steps were taken by the Federal Government to stem the tide, the nation might collapse.

The governor said, “I am particularly worried about the fate of this nation today. Nigeria is very close to being a failed state than being successful.

“A nation can only remain indivisible and hold itself together when people charged with responsibilities refuse to shirk in the dispensation of such responsibilities.

“Crises manifest in different ways but the real causes of the nation’s abnormalities have not been addressed.

“It is not enough to tag the insurgency in the South as militancy or youth unrest and the one up North as religious crisis or Islamic fundamentalism, rather the utmost thing needed is solutions to all these unrests.”

Responding to Adesina’s invitation to attend the guild’s conference coming up in Asaba, Delta State, Aregbesola said, “My only reservation about the invitation is safety. Nobody is safe in Nigeria.

“They kidnapped the Chairman of Local Council Area Authority, which is not even up to a council and they demanded $1m. How much would they demand if they kidnap a governor, $1bn? You might just stroll to stretch your legs and off you go – get kidnapped! Where would Osun get that kind of money?” he asked.



  1. You always blame the President,you don’t think your state Osun state is a failed state too,this means you Mr Governor has failed totally too,the lean resources you claimed to be getting from FG you still pay Tinubu monthly from there,develop your state it looks like an LGA headquarter I mean your capital,close your mouth shame on you.