Nigeria versus Kenya (140 Characters Dillema)

A Kenyan Impression of Africa
A Kenyan Impression of Africa

‘Somebody tell Kenya’ or ‘Somebody tell Nigeria’. The match between the Harambee stars of Kenya and the Super eagles of Nigeria turned into a twifight on twitter prior to kickoff. The battle purportedly started after a picture was posted on twitter, suggesting a shabby treatment of the Kenyan squad in the hands of Nigerian football officials. The battle which begun with just some few followers went on into its hundreds and thousands with hash tags #somebodytellkenya and #somebodytellnigeria. This issue was reported to have gained a worldwide trend when twitter followers from parts of Europe, America, and Asia added few more comments.
In recent times, twitter has been an avenue for players, fanatics, even officials to express views and opinions. As a result, we’ve had both pre- match and post- match twitter wars, commonly referred to as twifight. With the ongoing debate on the role of social media in sports reportage and its effect on credibility, one may wonder if such words as ‘twifight’ will ever make it into the English dictionary. However, the social media have succeeded in bringing sports to their beloved fans amidst the looming questions of credibility. For sure, the Harambee stars had their training sessions on the pitch of the Calabar state university, yet there was no fuss over that. Made their way in and around the state on a transit bus, now that’s the fuss. According to the Kenyans, the last time the Super Eagles touched down in Nairobi they had a coach, and thinks the Football governing body must have treated them inconsequentially.
According to Wikipedia, a Coach is a type of bus used for conveying passengers on excursions and on longer distance intercity bus service between cities- or even between countries. I have seen the NFF made provisions for such on numerous occasions when distance is of the essence. The underlying issues of the pre- match twitter war prior to March 23RD, 2013 must have been overhyped as a result of too many idle talks. Calabar is a home of tourism and I believe the Kenyans had the best hotel in the state for accommodation; meanwhile there was no fuss over that.
Can somebody tell these tweeps the football match was played but not won? It ended one goal apiece, with the super eagles securing a dying minute goal. The return leg match will now be played on Wednesday June 5TH and not Saturday June 9TH, at Moi Kasarani. The Super Eagles leaves for Nairobi on June 1ST, and should depart June 6TH, for the confederations cup slated for Brazil June 15TH. Nothing is for sure as for another return leg match battle on twitter. One thing is for sure Kenyans and Nigerians are allies not enemies, friends not foes. Somebody tell Nigerians the Kenyans are hard nut to crack on their home soil. Somebody tell Kenyans the battle is far from over.