Nine players fail CAF MRI Test, including three Nigerians.

An MRI Technology.
An MRI Technology.

In order to combat the widespread issue of age- cheating, CAF recently agreed to conduct an age test for players coming into the under- 17 championship camp in Morocco.
However, the test result which was conducted on Friday revealed the inclusion of nine over- aged players by three of the participating countries, namely: Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville.
The competition which has been thought to contain over- aged players for many years is now separating ‘the chaff from the wheat’ by employing the use of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to scan the wrist of the players thereby determining the bone density.
According to the BBC, the culprits are:
– From Ivory Coast.
1. Dagou Britto.
2. Abdul Diarrassouba.
3. Siriki Dembele.
– From Nigeria.
1. Onyinye Ndidi.
2. Ibrahim Abdullahi.
3. Emmanuel Asadu.
– From Congo Brazzaville.
1. Cherlevy- Diabala Carim.
2. Hardy Binguila.
3. Bermagin Kangou.
The players have since been sent home from the championship.


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