Nobody Is Safe In Nigeria Again – Falana

FALANA1Human Rights Activist, Mr Femi Falana, has described Nigeria as a nation surviving on a life support machine following its current position of housing more than 150 million poor people out of the 300 million living in Africa.

Represented by Mr Femi Aborishade while delivering a lecture at the second annual Olalekan Olamide Platform for Development, Falana who spoke on the theme, ‘Development- How it begins with you,’ said the umeployment rate in Nigeria is becoming too alarming, saying this might not be unconnected with the series of violence being witnessed in Nigeria today.

He said: “It is unfortunate that despite the increase in Nigeria’s income, particularly from the sale of crude oil, development has been in the negative. Nigeria is transiting from posterity to poverty while poverty in the country has continued to be on the increase.”

Falana added that unemployment and poverty had further fuelled series of unrest that had become an abmnormal way of life in Nigeria.

“Nobody is safe in Nigeria again. No one can sleep with his two eyes closed, not even the arrogant political office holders who plunders Nigeria’s wealth, for the fear of the Boko Haram sect. The essence of any government in power is to first provide and enable a secure environment. No government should continue to be in power if it failed to provide security,” Falana said.


  1. Haba! Mr Falana we know ds since d imposition of pdp in2 power (1999). D masses ar since then never been safe. But in 2013 d rich also cry, they 2 ar no longer safe. So u take note of dt, it’s purely pdp.