Ogun Disowns Victims Of Kara Inferno


Following a cry to the Ogun State government for help by the people living in Kara, a community razed by fire on Wednesday night, the government has said the people living in the community are illegal residents. The government however said it would still help those displaced by the fire incident after due consultation with the leaders of the community.

In a statement on Thursday, the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Taiwo Adeoluwa advised prospective property developers in the state to always obtain necessary approvals from relevant government agencies before embarking on construction.

“Apparently, these are shanties built without government approval and we are not happy about the development.

“That notwithstanding, as a responsive government we will stand by them (victims) during this period. We will do something in the meantime to assist those affected after consultations with the leaders.”

Among those counting their losses after the fire incident was a pregnant woman, identified as Meminat, who lost her three shops including a year’s sales which people said ran into millions of naira, and also a Saude Adamu, a mother of two, who also sells food outside Kara.

“Apart from the property, I lost N100,000 which I had kept in my room. I have no clothes anymore. As you can see, my daughter is not wearing anything. We lost all to the fire,” Adamu said.

The Kara inferno, which was said to have been caused by one of those preparing meal in the area started around 6.30pm. The residents who called the fire service as soon as the fire started lamented the slow response of the fire fighters who came two hours after the fire outbreak.

“By the time The Lagos State Fire Service came, there was nothing more to save. Nobody came to our rescue. Only one truck of water from Ogun State came to the scene on time. But what will a truck of water do?” one of the residents said.