OPC Warns MEND On Threat To Bomb Mosques, Attack Muslims

Niger-Delta-militants_0Otunba  Gani Adams, the national coordinator  of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), has  flayed the recent media statement credited to the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) to  attack mosques, clerics and other Muslims,  describing it as a “rude shock.”

In a statement signed by Adams, the OPC also described the threat from MEND as a “call to anarchy” and  advised  the group to be cautious.

According to  the statement: “ The said plan by MEND, coming at a time when our nation is still struggling to put an end to the violence unleashed on some parts of Northern Nigeria by the Boko Haram sect is a sure call to anarchy.”

Adams, in the statement also  claimed that: “This is surely capable of causing a religious and sectarian crisis of a magnitude that could be worse than the three years civil war. While the OPC appreciates MEND’s fundamental right to genuine struggle for self-determination in the Niger Delta,” OPC, however, expressed its reservation with the threat, when it stated in the statement that “ we, however, disagree in totality with its latest threat to attack mosques and  Muslims.

“Let me, at this juncture, remind MEND that Yoruba make up about seventy per cent of the Muslims population in the Niger Delta area and we will not tolerate any further killing of Yoruba in any part of the country,” Adams warned.

He further warned that “let us all take some lessons from the experience of the Bosnian war, which left hundreds of thousands of people dead, mostly innocent civilians. Good students of History will know that events which led to that war are very similar to recent developments in Nigeria. A word is enough for the wise.

“We would like to use this opportunity to call on the Federal Government and President Goodluck Jonathan in particular, to as a matter of urgency, put machineries in place, to put a stop to this very dangerous trend,” the statement read.

The OPC also advised that: “The president should use his good office to make MEND and other similar groups across the country to see the need for peace and stop this unnecessary bloodshed, while Nigerians continue to look for solution to end the Boko Haram crisis.

“I wish to call on the leadership of MEND to reconsider its threat and join hands with other well meaning Nigerians in this our long search for a solution to the country’s security crisis,” Adams advised.


  1. Do not mind MEND. Let them start it and see who will succeed. I am from Niger-Delta and there are many muslims in the region they cannot even withstand let alone in the west or north.

  2. OPC is trying to keep peace but the northerners support boko haram, MEND should go on, and kill all the Northerners but not Yorubas in any way. OPC should also warn boko haram

  3. Please Mr. Gani Adams, you MUST know that MEND is unlike OPC, who were operating under cover during the June 12, and just making noise all about and being captured by the police like fowls neither are the Boko Haram who are ghosts or spirits. They NEVER did anything in hiding. They came to Lagos, remember the Atlas Jetty, they were on CNN and CNN was visting them at their bases in the creeks, so dont dare them with your loud mouth.They never say what they can not do. Our people are being killed daily and nobody is talking, rather Lai Mohamed and Tinubu are busy romancing them for his usual ambition. I am sure if these cowards see fire power of MEND, they will beg for AMNESTY.

  4. Niger delta millitant are not fit to face hausa clearly let them try and see. If you can remember,ibos are the fist to start millitary nigeria with aim of ruling Nigeria what come in return they was over thrown by the hausa. Hausa the tribe ruling nigeria but who started the cub. Forget they are not fit . Go and face them. They will kill you like fowls.

    • Baabs or bad whatever u call urself u are a big fool God will punish u for that ur stupid statement don’t worry very soon tragdy will fall on u idiot.

    • Baabz, you dont know what you are talking about, so please shut-up. As always, the Ibos were betrayed by the Yorubas. So keep quiet and leave that matter cos it would open up old wounds.

  5. Lolz,d hausas are lyk virus,even if u kill one ten will come out so u can eradicate dem,so b de careful MEND or watsoeva name,we are peace loving pple so dn’t dare 2 use dis medium 2 cause religious war

  6. u people hv not withness religion war b4 that is why, by the time it started,…………….we will realize that what is important is always important.we should be careful of hw we used internent.pls we need to be careful because gradualy………….i think one day if we continue like this………….i dont know what would happen.we ar all educated and if we comment uneducatically then u ar not educated.

  7. @Baabz, u’r senseless n talkin rubbish! Did hausa fought any war? U pple used d middle belt pple to fight coz u’r bounch of fearful sluts jst like boko haram is showin. U think d middle belt will fight 4 u? Think twice! U most pay 4 d innocent blood of JOS, S Kaduna, etc pple u shed. Jus wait and expect manna frm heaven. D north is doomed! Sluts

  8. I am a typical Yoruba and I think what Gani Adam trying to say is just to embrace peace and let MEND know that going that way will affect his Yoruba people.But should as well srategise how mend can go about this if need be because truly their people have beeing killed,callously killed and wickedly masacred which also hangered us.On Hausa fighting war,they never fighting any war rather they are using FG to make advantage over other tribes in the country and I want the Hausa to know that they will suffer for teir action and never to Yoruba because Yorubas extends beyond South West but they,they are using Government to cover middle belt that don’t belong to them exept Nasarawa and some nothern Kaduna.

  9. look. We niger deltas a peole of few words and filled with to many actions.why dont u fool called (opc) go and tell boko haram those rubbish of making peace. U a cowards and weaklings. Any way the (mend) have made the final announcement to deal with all muslims in the niger delta and including fools like(opc) who make any usless statement. So (opc) dare them and test the flame. Comon thieves dey kill una for lagos na (mend) u na won compete with


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