Operation Stop APC: Presidential Directive Targets Tinubu, INEC, Lists 5 Anti-Jonathan Govs For 24-Hour Surveillance

president-JA Presidential directive (PD95), dated March 26, 2013, reveals that contrary to public posturing, the Presidency is indeed jittery by the merger of opposition parties under the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and is set to frustrate it.

According to what we learnt, the Presidency had given the marching orders for “everything to be done to frustrate the merged opposition parties.”

The seven-point presidential directive specifically listed the business concerns of former Lagos State governor and national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as targets, as well as planting ‘moles’ among the opposition.

Remarkably, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is included in the directive but there were no details about how the Presidency planned to carry out the attacks.

It would be recalled that the APC had recently accused the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government of being behind attempts by at least two other phony groups to use the acronym APC in a bid to stall stall its registration.

The directive also puts a lie to the Presidency’s denial that it plans to increase the price of premium motor spirit from N97 as it contained the following, “Petrol prices to be up (sic) to N130 or N140 per litre; public opinion must be tested first.”

The presidential directive also confirmed that governors Sule Lamido, Jigawa; Rotimi Amaechi, Rivers; Emmanuel Uduaghan, Delta; Rabiu Kwankwaso, Kano, and Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu, Niger are under surveillance for their tough opposition to President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 ambition.

The directive ordered a “24-hour surveillance on governors of Jigawa, Rivers, Delta, Kano and Niger,” adding that there was the need to “concentrate particularly on Niger, Rivers and Jigawa.”

And in what appears to be desperation on the part of the Presidency, the directive said that “if the current efforts by the BoT chairman (Tony Anenih) failed to convince them (the governors) to soft-pedal, everything must be done to embarrass them.”

The directive also touches on security as it indicates the President will not appoint a defence minister until July or August, 2013. The directive also said there would be no changes in the military high command until 2014 when the current leadership will retire.

The directive also indicated that the president may have finally bowed to the wishes of the National Assembly and could drop embattled director-general of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Arunma Oteh.



  1. Jonathan is confused, hahahahahahah useless man, donkey head, with these massive killings I don’t thinktheres ani reasonable and responsible human being dat will vote for an animaal

    • its your fathers that are confused. is it by force for him to rule Nigeria–u don’t want him fine. so why not let us split quietly-is there any big wahala there-why cant u stray without the south south and her oil-have we not been feeding you for over 52yrs haba

  2. May almighty Allah choice us a right person or a good leader to our great nation an our world in general………….

  3. My dear brothers and Sisters to insult anyone no problem but spiritually when the insult or curse go round and the person did not do you anything it comes back.
    Some of us have not travel out of our base for the past two years and don’t even listen to news and you are critics but try to understand that the president rules the country not the state he does not concentrate in one state for you to feel the impart at this level you must move round.
    Yes I agree there is corruption.
    But let tell ourselves the truth most of our politicians are bad eggs from Local governments, states to federal level.
    If you guys do observe at times when the president try to discard those that believe things should remain the old way the oppositions will come with their heat and oppositions in PDP itself will also start their own for that the president will go back to them again for support.
    If Nigeria is a country where after the elections the country will unite again for the interest of the country it will be easy not only for current president even anybody that is there but it is war always even the same situation for some Governors.
    So how do you think he will be able to remove the people that helped him to win election in that circumstance even if he know they are bad because when they fight back who will stand by him, if it is a country where the political class have interest of the country the oppositions will understand what the president is trying to do and they will help mobilize the public to support the president not minding the party differences.
    Look not this one’s now the president have not even stayed two out of four years they have started forming alliance and I hope not these our bothers that is leading alliance that is warming up because some of them don’t understand democracy, their style is hand picking.
    For me when you see oppositions running about restlessly in a democracy just know the person in power is trying, he is not trying they will not be restless.
    Our president you have not done much on corruption Nigerians are waiting to see you do something on that the way you doing in power because they are two things we are suffering most you cannot handle one and leave one.

    Thank you Nigerians, all this is based on my view.

  4. D worst and most controversial president in d history of nigeria, most of his unpopular decisions remind me of a man that has lost touch with wishes and aspirations of nigerians. Abed finish n go come 2015


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