Ordinary Nigerians Should Not Be Using Tinted Glass Vehicles – IG

tintedMotorists in the country who have been lamenting their harassment by the police over the use of vehicles with tinted glasses have been accused of insincerity as they knew that “by all standards they do not deserve to have tinted glass vehicles”.

This was the position of the Inspector General of Police (IG), Mr Mohammed Abubakar on Friday while speaking at a meeting with Assistant Inspectors-General of Police in charge of the 12 zonal commands in Nigeria.

He said that the police would enforce the ban as it was meant for the good of all Nigerians.

Abubakar said that to avoid abuse in the granting of the permit, the law only authorised the IG to issue it without delegating such power to commands commissioners of police.

“Do you know that most criminals use it (tinted vehicles) as hideout, to carry arms and ammunition, to carry IEDs, to throw bombs on innocent worshippers in churches and mosques and other places?

“We cannot continue to fold our hands and allow criminality to take place.

“Tell me what a commercial vehicle is doing with tinted glass, tell me what an ordinary Nigerian who has nothing to hide is doing with tinted glass.

“We appeal to Nigerians to understand this, that the essence of doing what we are doing is to ensure that  people are safe and that innocent people are not just unnecessarily attacked,” he said.




  2. What in the devil’s name does he mean by “Ordinary” Nigerians. He probably should consult his vocab encyclopedia before heading for the press.

  3. Such policy lyk this should be implemented in effect to gov’t officials nd gov’t non-officials. An accountable transpearant gov’t official is nt ought to be hidding 4rm his or her pple, hiding is ment of criminals, kidnappers, frausters, suicide bombers etc., or is our leaders among in any of d outlisted criminality? Why should our leaders be allowed to be hiding 4rm us?
    However, who are d ordinary Nigerians? Does Nigeria have superiority nd inferiority as the classfication of its citizens?
    Moreover, the IG should appologise to Nigerians for classifying us as ordinary citizens.

  4. If you want to band the use of tinted class just band it to everybody or are you now confessing that some are above the law?

  5. Can IG explain to me how the permit can prevent the usage of a car for crime?? As the same criminals can still pay and get it also or can I brake •̸Ϟy rear window, cus he said nt Ƒσя ordinary Nigerian. Αη∂ I want him 2 tell us who Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ordinary nigerian.

  6. ( tell me what an ordinary Nigerian who has nothing to hide is doing with tinted glass.) ( the law only authorised the IG to issue it without delegating such power to commands commissioners of police.) If this is the case it then mean that the IG has something to hide by using the same tinted glass most criminals use (tinted vehicles) as hideout, to carry arms and ammunition, to carry IEDs, to throw bombs on innocent worshippers in churches and mosques and other places?

  7. Please stop pursuing shadows. The vehicles are manufactured with tinted glasses. These glasses are lightly tinted and could be viewed from outside. If in doubt ask the occupants to wind down their glasses. Let the police be more focused on fighting crime and not on finding ways to extort money from the public

  8. there’s no ordinary nigerian, since nigeria is our father, so can u say ordinary nigerian and if we are having ordinary people in this country u must count yourself and ur family as one of the ordinary people, we all equal right been a citizen of this country, u didn?t face the challenges of unsecurity of the country but u are more concern about the issues of frsc, two days to boston bombing two people suspect are taking but in our own country the IG of police is not concern about people life. Is only GOD that can deliver us in NIGERIA. THANKS.

  9. With all due respect to you mr. IG! I congratulate the efort of the police and other security agents in insuring that Nigerians are granted security. Regarding this issue on tinted glass, i suggested that it should also be banned from the elites, i.e the top politicians. Am loyal sir!

  10. Ban the use of tinted glasses by all citizens without exclusion! What are those whom the IG is not referring to as ordinary Nigerians hiding? In fact most people that use tinted glasses are the high class politicians He still want to be giving permit. So what difference will it make after all?

  11. Who is ordinary nigeria? The top thiefs that call call themselfs top govt official are the want that dont suppose to use tintect glass becouse they use it to hide what the embazle from their offices, also they suppose tobe public because they are public servants.
    Why is it that the govt only make law that will favuor them without considering their masses? Go and fech the boko haram before talking that rubbish, if u are to ban the use of tinted it should apply to every one, why are the govt official hiding themself for, when they suppose to be seen publicly.

  12. What does the I.G mean by ordinary Nigerians? One thing he should know is that citizens has equal right in the country, for that all citizens should be treated equally.

  13. Pls, the AIG should tell us who the ordinary Nigerians are ?. or is he tring to tell us dat some people are above the Law ?. Pls o we are all equale before God

  14. Note: in America where the bombing occurred and suspects apprehended,they use tinted cars.the issue is not tinted glasses.our government should equip the forces with the right tools and security gadgets for good policing, It was through the security cameras mounted at the strategic locations that the state security saw the suspects walking away. With due respect sir, no body is an ordinary Nigerian. Most Jeeps are factory fitted tinted glasses or should the Nigeria government ban the importation of cars with factory fitted tinted glasses.if consulted I throw more light on the ways to checkmate crimes.

  15. you have exposed evil doers in our country. the big politicians, those on top, the extraordinary really have something to hide indeed but God is always there for the ordinary.

  16. pls u guys should help me and ask dat IG who s d ordinary nigerian n is nt doz corrupt politicians dat use d tinted glass to park money n to carryout evil acts..

  17. the glasses are factory tinted!and light enough to allow viewing from outside.police shld ask people to wimd down when in doubt.

  18. Re we nt a nigerian must u always reffer 2 us as ordinary cos u stay in abuja nd we live in lagos wat a pity u re nt tin but jst a gr8 destroyer of lyf oga IG…….. Nonsence

  19. pls I have a van called Siena n d bak glssses is factory tinted wat shuld I do should I throw d car away or break d glass.abeg make una see opportunity wey d ig creat fot him boys o.

  20. The IG should do a more thorough job on this. Tinted cars are in use all over the world. Let him the people of Nigerians, what the owners of tinted cars are to do. The cars in question are tinted from the factories. And lets face it, tinted glasses may be, but are not the means being used by criminals in Nigeria.

  21. ” ORDINARY NIGERIAN “, what does IG mean by it , are we all not an ordinary. Nigeria, some are more than the law & why some are under the law . Are they not the one given out the arms ( IG & CO ). God we need your deliverance from all this our so-call leaders .

  22. Can IG explain what he mean by ordinary nigerian? Is it bcos some few idiots deep their hands in public fund loot it and got presidential pardon, is dat what make them special Nigerians? The IG should just go and loby for tafa for pardon from villa aferall oga na oga and what is good for gej should also be good for Abu.

  23. The police should stop shasing shadows in the name of combating crime. Is tintet glass really the problem of this country? Why is police so dedicated to deceptive ways of estorting money from innocent citizens in the name of fighting crime? They cannot apprehend armed robbers and boko harams hiding in hotels maybe because of tinted hotel window glasses as well? The IG should put a ban on tinted house window glasses so that more cash can flow into their estortion purse. How long will it take the Nigerian police to withdraw from chasing shadows and making a fool of themselves??????????????????

  24. D I G refers to Nigerians intheir home country as ordinaryNigeria’s. It is well is ovieous they are the ones who have things to hide.Nigerians need to know why the people they elected to power should be going around hiding in tinted vehicles. Hmmm this country and men in black

  25. hmmnn… animal farm
    …all animals are equal but, some animals are more equal than the others…
    One day you’ll leave abuja and come back home…

  26. IG when you banned raod blocks we congratulated you. By the amount of response from Nigerians you should have known that the tinted glass law does not show that we are progressing in this country. Why not order the police to stop and search any suspected tinted glass vehicle. what about medical conditions that require protection from the sun? What about panel vans that are completely sealed? pls let us not disgrace this country.


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