Parents Killing Their Own Children; Has the World Gone Mad?!



The number of stories these days about parents killing their own children is so high it is almost unimaginable.  What could possibly make a person take the life of a child they helped to create?  A woman from Tennessee in the United States, who was convicted of murdering her new-born twins was sentenced Friday to a minimum of 51 years in prison. Lindsey Lowe (pictured above)was convicted last month of felony murder, premeditated murder and aggravated child abuse. The murder charges carry an automatic life sentence.

She gave birth to the twin boys in the bathroom of her parents’ home in an upper-middle-class neighbourhood in Hendersonville, about 20 miles northeast of Nashville on the night of Sept. 12, 2011. She told police she smothered them and placed them in a laundry basket so that her parents would not hear their cries. Lowe’s parents found one of the babies two days later and alerted police.

Lowe said she still doesn’t fully comprehend what happened that night, but said she takes responsibility for her actions. “I cannot explain why I put my babies in a laundry basket, or what was going through my mind,” she said.

In ordering the maximum sentence on the child abuse charges, the judge said he found Lowe to be untruthful and selfish and called it a tragedy that so many people believe her version of events.  The judge quoted Focus on the Family founder James Dobson saying, “Our children are the true wealth of any nation” and added that we cannot become “a child-killing society that views children as burdens rather than blessings.”

There’s also the story of Robin Greinke, 26, an Illinois woman (pictured below), who along with her boyfriend beat her 3-year-old son to death because he wet his pants. Once they were finished, and he lay nearby dying, they ate a pizza and watched a movie. Greinke and Steven Neil, 33, admitted that they took turns beating the boy for more than an hour after he had an accident February 8 while they were visiting Florida. “They were upset with him and they tossed him and spanked him and punched him,” a homicide investigator told Central Florida News 13. After enjoying themselves with the pizza and movie, Greinke finally called 911 around 5 a.m. to say her son, Noah Fake, was wheezing, and she couldn’t sleep.

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These are only 2 of the numerous stories that abound. What could possibly be a suitable punishment for people like this? Please share your thoughts.



  1. This is the fulfillment of a prophecy in the Holy book (BIBLE). Its says love of many shall wax cold and they shall be lover of themselves than lover of GOD and their neighbor,

  2. such killers of their own children should be made to die a painful death the same way they made their children die.


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