Past Northern Leaders To Blame For The Woes Of The Region – Gov Aliyu

aliyu-babangidaNiger State governor, Dr Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has expressed regrets that people of the northern parts of the country did not demand quality service from their leaders when they held fort as leaders of Nigeria.

Aliyu, who received the Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) on Wednesday in Minna, said the people took it for granted and did not demand quality leadership while the leaders in turn did not deem it fit to offer good leadership.

Aliyu said, “ And regrettably people had not been demanding for quality service from their leaders,  and when you wait  and take things for granted  just because you have a  leader from a particular place and he also takes it for granted  — that, oh, this is home and begins to mess up  and you do not demand  for good leadership,  that is the situation that we are in and how we’ve ended  up.”

Linking the prevailing poverty situation and underdevelopment in the region to divine forces, Aliyu argued that from 1960 till date, if the citizenry subtracted the period that a northerner was the civilian president or military head of state, it would be discovered that the north has had more time to rule the country than any other parts of the nation.

The governor who said the outcry by the northern leaders has shown that the people of the region had been deceiving themselves all along over their privileged access to political power at the centre, however remarked that it was about time people demanded quality leadership.

He said, “Till today, even with the realisation, we still have problems everywhere because people still think they can run away from the general problem because nobody cares. And even if you steal money, there are times when money becomes ordinary papers without value.

“In fact, in the developed countries many people do not buy personal vehicles because when they come out of their doors  there would be either a bus or a train or something else to take them to where they want to go, so why waste your time?” he added.


  1. I av neva lik u babangida bt wt dis bold step of ur lyf i salute u, u re an icon nd indeed a leader nd a stakeholder, i lov u. D sultan av succeeded in deceiving d entire region bt he did nt succeed in deceiving u, more grease 2 ur elbow.

  2. Gov. Aliyu, Babangida, Buhari, Abdusalam, may Almighty Allah assist u to re-build d North. Cos some PDP leader’s is d problem dat affect d Northern.

  3. Aliyu I salute u thank you for your eyes that are opened. Please ask you woman to go to school leave the men for now and give scholarship to the female ones in time they will give there children education


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