PHOTO: Balotelli getting a lap dance from his girlfriend

The Milan striker’s girlfriend Fanny Neguesha posted this saucy picture of the pair on Instagram, showing the Belgian model straddling a bare-chested Balotelli while draped in a camouflage blanket



Balotelli has recently spoken of how he has found ‘tranquillity’ with Neguesha, following his split with the mother of his daughter, Pia, and fellow Italian, Raffaella Fico
The 22-year-old told Vanity Fair in an exclusive interview: ‘In a short time she (Fanny Neguesha) found herself in sync with me.
‘I could spend my whole life with someone like this.’
The Italy striker’s six-month relationship ship with Neguesha could go some of the way to explaining Balotelli’s hot streak on the pitch.
is this the reason why he now scores a lot of goals?? Loool




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