Photo: Rihanna Takes Off All Her Clothes To Have Her Hair Styled By A Man

If Rihanna ever needs a new hair stylist, she’ll be inundated with job applications.
The singer has posted an image of herself having her locks preened by a man as she kneels down wearing only her knickers.
She stops short of putting her bare boobs on display, using a towel to protect some modesty instead.
However, Rihanna ensures she leaves a titillating portion of her boobs uncovered – no doubt with her Twitter followers in mind as she posed for the snap.
Adding to the appeal of the arresting image, the clothes removed by the attention-seeking superstar just sneak into the frame.
Another addition to her arsenal of flesh-flashing shots sees the chart-topper flaunting her bum as she rests on a lilo in a swimming pool.


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