PHOTOS: Alligator Crashes Golf Tournament

It isn’t everyday that a giant alligator walks into the middle of a professional sporting event and makes himself at home, but that’s what happened yesterday.

Spectators and marshals were startled when the animal, estimated to be about 12 feet long, marched onto the side of the 12th fairway and started taking in the action, or possibly just sunning himself.

He then made his way through a sand trap and returned to the water.

The animal, who is missing his right front leg, is apparently a regular visitor to the course – and is nicknamed ‘Tripod’ by locals and staff.

Check out the photos of the alligator invasion below.

alligator_golf_3 alligator_golf_2 alligator_golf_1 alligator_golf_6 alligator_golf_5


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